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  • E200302
      EXPERT - Spark Plug Sockets 16mm Model # E200302

    • 3/8'' Square Drive Metric 12Pt Spark Plug Sockets.
    • Diameter : 16 mm.
    • Drive Type : Hex.
      EXPERT - Spark Plug Sockets 21mm Model # E200303

    • 3/8'' Square Drive Metric 12Pt Spark Plug Sockets.
    • Diameter : 16 mm.
    • Drive Type : Hex.
      EXPERT - Vag Spark Coil Remover Set Model # E200503

    • Composition of 4 clamps .
    • To extract 99% of VAG pencil coils .
    • Supplied in plastic case with instruction .
      EXPERT - Metric Feeler Gauge Model # E200307


    19 blades 0.04 to 1 mm.

      EXPERT - Spark Plug Cleaning Steel Wire Brush Model # E200306

    • Wire brush for brake caliper.
    • Non-slip handle.
    • Brush Teeth Material : Steel.
      EXPERT - Valve core tool 2 in 1 Model # E201109

    • One side for removing and changing wheel valve cores.
    • A cone-shaped side with left-hand thread to pull out broken cores.
    • Suited for LUVs and motorbikes.
      EXPERT - Tire and air conditioner valve core tool Model # E201110

    • One side for removing and changing wheel valve cores.
    • A side for the removal and replacement of the air valve core conditioning.
    • Suited for LUVs and motorbikes.
      EXPERT - Straight Tyre Lever 500mm Model # E201117

    • E201117: straight.
    • E201118: curved.
    • Finish: phosphate-coated.
      EXPERT - Curved Tyre Lever 728mm Model # E201118

    • Finish: phosphate-coated. Finishing manganese phosphate.
    • Straight and curved end.
      EXPERT - Snap In Tire Valce Installer 285mm Model # E201119

    • Plastic handle for aluminum wheels.
    • A special tool for assembling rubber valves to tubeless tires.
    • Long articulated plastic handle with metal holder Valve.
      EXPERT - Wheel weight tool Model # E201112

    • Helps in assembly; disassembly; fitting and balancing bodies of automobile wheels.
    • To fasten or remove wheel balancing weights.
      EXPERT - Ball Joint Separators Set 3 Pcs Model # E201100

    • 1 model for ball joint Ø 24 mm.
    • 1 model for ball joint Ø 28 mm.
    • 1 model for ball joint Ø 34 mm.
      EXPERT - Deep Impact Socket For Wheels Model # E194676

    • Impact resistant for use with power tools and impact tools.
    • For safety use all impact rated tools with correct size pins and rings.
    • Expert Brand + Part Number + Size is stamped or etched onto the tools for easy selection and ID.
      UNI-T - Digital Tire Gauge Model # UT376

    • Measures up to 99;999 revolutions per minute and 99;999 counts
    • Results are accurate to 0.04%
    • Lightweight and portable for easy storage and transportation

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