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  • Torque Tools

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    A torque wrench is a tool that uses a preset torque value to tighten bolts and nuts. It helps avoid damage from over-tightening the joints or prevents the joints from coming from apart due to under-tightening by allowing fasteners to be tightened to the proper tension. Applying the correct torque measure is important to assemble the equipment and ensure safe performance. Torque wrenches make sure the pressure of applied to fasteners matches the recommended parameters for the job.



    • Ensures balance rotation along an axis
    • Avoids damage due to over tightening of joints
    • Prevents joints from coming apart due to under tightening
    • Provides safe performance of equipment


    Who uses Torque Tools?

    • Automotive Engineers
    • Automobile Technicians
    • Facilities management technicians
    • Maintenance technicians


    Where are Torque Tools used?

    • Automotive manufacturing
    • Maintenance
    • Facilities management
    • Car repair facilities
    • Home repairs
    • Construction


    How to safely use Torque Tools?

    • The tool should be properly stored in its storage box and protected from any shocks and potential damages
    • After use, the torque wrench should be set at its lowest value to release the spring pressure
    • Use the wrench with only one hand
    • Do not use an extension handle as it could provide incorrect signals
    • Ensure that the device is re-calibrated on a regular frequency


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