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    We’ve committed ourselves in helping organizations improve their efficiency and productivity by offering advanced and innovative solutions. We would love listening to you and understanding your job-site requirements. Browse through our selection of innovative, industry leading product range and our team will assist you in making the right choice

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    Battery Analyzers


    Advanced Battery Analyzer 24.8 x 11.5 x 9.4 inches

    Model # BT521


    Battery Analyzer 26.5 x 13.4 x 10.1 inches

    Model # BT520


    Battery Analyzer 15.1 x 12.5 x 9.6 inches

    Model # BT510

    Drain Cleaning Eqiupment


    KJ-1590 II Electric Water Jetter Cap. 2-6 in 230v

    Model # 35511-KJ1590II


    KJ-3100 Gas Powered Water Jetter Cap. 2-10in

    Model # 37413


    K60SP-SE Sectional Drain Cleaner w/cable 1-1/4 - 4 in 230v

    Model # 66517/K60SPSE


    K-1000 Rodder Machine 8-24 in 6HP

    Model # 84295/K1000


    K-1500B Sectional Drain Cleaner w/cable 2 - 8 in 230v

    Model # 27597/K1500B

    Drain Inspection


    CS10 Digital Recording Monitor Color 12.1in

    Model # 39333/CS10


    RM200 SeeSnake w/Transport Kit

    Model # 42353/RM200


    SeeSnake® Compact2 Camera System

    Model # 48118

    Electrical Testers

    6500-2 UK Kit

    Portable Appliance Tester Kit

    Model # 6500-2 UK Kit

    6200-2 UK

    Portable Appliance Tester UK; 230V

    Model # 6200-2 UK

    6200-2 UK Kit

    Portable Appliance Tester; Kit UK 6200-2 PAT

    Model # 6200-2 UK Kit

    1625-2 Kit

    Advanced Geo Earth Ground Tester; Kit

    Model # 1625-2 Kit

    Electrical Tools


    RE-60 Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool - Crimp Only Kit

    Model # 43613-RE60


    RE-60 Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool - Cut & Crimp Kit

    Model # 43628-RE60


    RE-60 Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool Full Kit - Cut; Crimp & Punch

    Model # 43633-RE60


    RE-60 + 4P Battery Powered Hydraulic Tool - Dieless Crimp & Cut-kit Upto 400 mm²

    Model # 55333-RE60

    Pipe Bevelling


    B-500 Transportable Pipe Beveller w/371/2° Cutter Head 220v

    Model # 49303

    Power and Energy Loggers


    3Phase Power Logger; Network Analyzer; Advance

    Model # 1738/INTL


    3Phase Power Logger; Network Analyzer; Advance

    Model # 1738-INTL


    3Phase Power Logger; Network Analyzer

    Model # 1736/INTL


    3Phase Power Logger; Network Analyzer

    Model # 1736-INTL

    Thermal Imagers


    Compact Thermal Imaging System

    Model # C2

    Ti200 9Hz

    Thermal Imager; 9Hz / 2.09 mRad / 200 x 150 pixels

    Model # Ti200 9Hz

    Ti300 9Hz

    Thermal Imager; 9Hz / 1.75 mRad / 240 X 180 pixels

    Model # Ti300 9Hz

    Ti400 9Hz

    Thermal Imager; 9Hz / 1.31 mRad / 320 X 240 pixels

    Model # Ti400 9Hz

    Ti450 9Hz

    Thermal Imager; 9Hz / 1.31 mRad / 320 X 240 pixels / MultiSharp Focus

    Model # Ti450 9Hz

    TI450 SF6 60Hz

    Thermal Imager; 60Hz / Gas Leak Detector / 640 X 480 pixels

    Model # TI450 SF6 60Hz

    TIS50 9Hz

    Thermal imager; fixed focus - 36;300 Pixels

    Model # TIS50 9Hz

    TIS55 9Hz

    Thermal imager; manual focus - 36;300 Pixels

    Model # TIS55 9Hz

    TIS60 9Hz

    Thermal imager; fixed focus - 50;700 Pixels

    Model # TIS60 9Hz

    TIS65 9Hz

    Thermal imager; manual focus - 50; 700 Pixels

    Model # TIS65 9Hz

    TIS75 9Hz

    Thermal Imager; Manual Focus 504:1 / 320 x 240 Pixels

    Model # TIS75 9Hz

    Underground Pipe & Cable Locators


    SR-24 Underground Utility Locator w/ Bluetooth & GPS Upto 35 kHz

    Model # 44473-SR24


    A-Frame Underground Cable Fault Locator and Receiver

    Model # 56613


    SR-20 Underground Utility Locator Upto 35 kHz

    Model # 21893-SR20


    SR-60 SeekTech Utility Line Locator Upto 490 kHz

    Model # 22163-SR60

    Vibration and Alignment


    Laser Alignment Tool

    Model # 830


    Vibration Tester

    Model # 810

    805 FC

    Vibration Meter with Fluke Connect

    Model # 805 FC

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