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    • Sectional Machines

      • Push the handle down and the cable spins at 710 RPM
      • Release the handle and the cable stops instantly
      • Compact, lightweight and easily transportable to any job site
      • Full line of sectional machines clear everything from 3/4 inch to 10 inch drain lines
      • Clean drains effectively, completely and with absolute confidence
    • Drum Machines

      • Quick-Release Drums with built-in handles for quick and easy transport
      • Powerful AUTOFEED Mechanism to advance and retrieve cable easily
      • Inner Drum minimizes the potential of the cable flipping
      • Patented Cable Control System helps indicate to the operator when blockades are encountered
      • Universal Motor automatically slows cable and increases torque when met with obstructions
    • Water Jetting Machines

      • Highly flexible hose blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages.
      • Scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their free-flowing capacity
      • Powerful: Actual working pressure for fast, effective cleaning of lines
      • Jetter and hose reel are easily removed from the cart in seconds for hard to reach drains or remote storage
      • Reduced number of fittings, hoses and parts minimizes leaks and down time keeping you on the job
    • Rodder Machines

      • Rugged body with transport wheels makes it ideal for a variety of settings and applications
      • Equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward/reverse transmission
      • Powered by a gasoline engine, forward/reverse transmission and hand-operated, spring-loaded throttle
      • Applications Sewer Mains, Drain Tile, Water Mains, Process Piping
    • Sink Machines

      • Advanced two-way AUTOFEED control keeps hands and work area clean
      • Lightweight, easy-to-use, no setup required
      • Inner drum prevents water leaks and greatly reduces cable flip-over inside the drum
      • Drums won’t rust or dent-ever
    • Hand Drain Cleaners

      • Kink-resistant MAXCORE® cable is designed for drill powered operation
      • AUTOFEED® Trigger Technology allows cable to self-feed down the drain
      • Cast aluminum ribbed hand grip won’t slip in your hand
      • Rotary molded plastic drum won’t dent or rust – cleans easily
      • Balanced for comfortable operation
      • Works through traps and bends in sinks, tubs, drinking fountains, lavatories, urinals or vent pipes