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  • Anemometers

    Shop our selection of Anemometers from our retail outlets across Dubai, UAE. We offer high-quality anemometers from leading brands like Fluke, Extech, UNI-T etc.


    FLUKE 922 - Airflow Meter
      FLUKE - Airflow Meter Model # 922

    FLUKE 922-Kit - Airflow Meter
      FLUKE - Airflow Meter Model # 922-Kit

    • Air Pressure (differential & static); Velocity; Flow and Temperature.
    • 99 point data storage. Min/Max/AVG/Hold
    • Includes kit of essential accessories
    EXTECH 45118 - Mini Thermo-AnemoMeter
      EXTECH - Mini Thermo-AnemoMeter Model # 45118

    • Display Air Velocity and Temperature or Windchill
    • Selectable averaging function of 5, 10, or 13 second intervals
    • Fold up protective housing extends to 9″ (229mm) for better reach
    EXTECH AN25 - Heat Index Anemometer
      EXTECH - Heat Index Anemometer Model # AN25

    • Built-in multiparameter sensors measure Air Velocity, Heat Index, Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT), Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Temperature, and Windchill
    • MIn/Max/Average (5sec/10sec/13sec)
    • Data Hold, Auto Power Off with disable
    EXTECH AN100 - CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer
      EXTECH - CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer Model # AN100

    • Simultaneously display Air Flow or Air Velocity plus Ambient Temperature.
    • Easy to set area dimensions (ft² or m²) are stored in the meter’s internal memory for the next power on.
    • 20 point average for Air Flow and 3% velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83 in. D (72mm) ball bearing vane wheel on 3.9ft (120cm) cable.
    EXTECH AN200 - CFM/CMM Thermo-AnemoMeter
      EXTECH - CFM/CMM Thermo-AnemoMeter Model # AN200

    • Built-in non-contact IR Thermometer measures remote surface temperatures to 500°F (260°C) with 8:1 distance to spot ratio and Laser Pointer.
    • This CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer can simultaneously display of Air Flow or Air Velocity plus Ambient Temperature.
    EXTECH AN300 - Large Vane CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer
      EXTECH - Large Vane CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer Model # AN300

    • 4″ (10cm) vane allows for more precise readings on larger size ducts
    • Air Velocity, Air Flow and Temperature
    • Built-in thermistor for air temperature
    EXTECH AN500 - Hot Wire CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer
      EXTECH - Hot Wire CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer Model # AN500

    • Simultaneous measurements of air velocity and temperature
    • Extendable telescopic probe system
    • Calculates CMM/CFM
    EXTECH 407113 - Heavy Duty CFM Metal Vane Anemometer
      EXTECH - Heavy Duty CFM Metal Vane Anemometer Model # 407113

    • Display Air Flow (CFM) or Air Velocity plus Temperature
    • Metal vane withstands temperature up to 175°F (80°C) and airspeed to 6890ft/min
    • Air Flow displayed in 3 modes: Instantaneous value, up to 20 point average or 2/3 flow value
    EXTECH HD350 - Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer
      EXTECH - Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer Model # HD350

    • Simultaneous display of Pressure, Air Velocity or Air Flow plus Temperature
    • ±0.7252psi range
    • 5 selectable units of pressure measurement
    EXTECH SDL310 - Thermo-Anemometer/Datalogger
      EXTECH - Thermo-Anemometer/Datalogger Model # SDL310

    • Measure temperature and air velocity
    • Record data on the device using supplied SD card
    • PC connectivity for further analysis
    EXTECH 45158 - Mini Thermo-Anemometer with Humidity
      EXTECH - Mini Thermo-Anemometer with Humidity Model # 45158

    • Anemometer with Display Air Velocity and either Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Temperature or Windchill
    • Selectable averaging function of 5, 10, or 13 second intervals
    • Fold up protective housing extends to 9″ (229mm) for better reach, Tripod mount
    UNI-T UT363 - Anemometer0-45m/s ; -10°c to 45°cReplaces (UT362)
      UNI-T - Anemometer0-45m/s ; -10°c to 45°cReplaces (UT362) Model # UT363

    • Wind speed and wind temperature tester.
    • Applicable to: Golfing; Geological/land surveying; Wind farm; HVAC; Environmental research
    • Multiple display units: m/s; km/h; ft/min; knots; mph
    GAZELLE G9407 - Mini Anemometer
      GAZELLE - Mini Anemometer Model # G9407

    • Mini wind speed and temperature meters.
    • Measure wind speeds up to 30m/s.
    • Overload indication (>45m/s)
    TESTO 410-1 - Digital Vane Anemometer
      TESTO - Digital Vane Anemometer Model # 410-1

    • Vane anemometer with permanently installed 30 mm vane
    • Measurement of air velocity and air temperature
    • Calculates wind chill and the Beaufort wind force
    TESTO 405i - Thermal Anemometer with Smarphone operation
      TESTO - Thermal Anemometer with Smarphone operation Model # 405i

    • For measuring volume flow, air velocity and temperature
    • Simple configuration of the dimension and geometry of the duct cross-section for determining the volume flow
    • Convenient for working in ventilation ducts thanks to its telescopic tube, which can be extended up to 400 mm
    TESTO 425 - Thermal Anemometer with Flow Probe
      TESTO - Thermal Anemometer with Flow Probe Model # 425

    • Temperature and flow measurement as well as volumetric flow calculation
    • Permanently attached extendible telescopic probe – maximum length 820 mm, diameter 7.5 mm
    • With single and multi-point averaging
    TESTO 405 - Thermal Anemometer
      TESTO - Thermal Anemometer Model # 405

    • Measurement of air velocity, volumetric flow and air temperature
    • For measurements in ventilation ducts and in rooms
    • Particularly precise in the range between 0 and 2 m/s
    TESTO 416 - Vane Anemometer
      TESTO - Vane Anemometer Model # 416

    • Permanently connected telescopic sensor – maximum length 890 mm, diameter 16 mm
    • Airflow measurements, selective and time mean values for calculating air volume
    • Hold function; min/max display; auto power off

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