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  • A well-functioning HVAC system is only as good as the tools that measure its performance. HVAC testing instruments ensure that the HVAC systems are correctly tuned and free of leaks that can damage components or affect system performance. Properly maintained and regularly inspected HVAC systems can make a building more cost-effective and energy efficient.Top of Form

    A range of different tools and devices are needed for testing, adjusting, and balancing an HVAC system. From temperature and humidity meters, to anamometers, to indoor air quality meters, these tools and solutions must accurately measure air inflow and outflow from rooms and buildings, as well as capture critical data, in order for to deliver the best quality maintenance service.



    • Regular HVAC maintenance checks will allow technicians to detect and resolve problems before it worsens and increases costs
    • Helps maintain the proper conditions needed for the efficient performance of equipment in machine rooms


    Who uses HVAC Testing Equipment?

    • MEP contractors
    • Facilities management
    • Food & beverage manufacturers & storage
    • HVAC maintenance technicians


    What is HVAC Testing Equipment used for?

    • Critical Space Testing
    • Duct Leak Testing
    • Plant & facilities maintenance
    • Testing & Balancing/Commissioning
    • Measuring volume flow
    • Measuring humidity, airflow & temperature
    • Measuring sound levels


    AABTools is the largest supplier of HVAC testing equipment in the UAE. Shop for HVAC testing equipment from brands like Fluke, Testo, Extech, Ridgid, Uni-T and Gazelle from our retain stores across Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.