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  • GAZELLE G9408-Log - Mini Light Meter with Bluetooth, 199,990 Lux
      GAZELLE - Mini Light Meter with Bluetooth, 199,990 Lux Model # G9408-Log

    • The G9408-Log is widely used light meter to check the compliance with the health and safety requirements for street lights, emergency exits, construction sites, laboratory, office, household and others.
    • The compact pocket-friendly design of the meter makes it easy to carry, use and stow.
    • Keep one handy for whenever you need to take a quick light measurement.
    • Can transfer measurement data through Bluetooth
    EXTECH EN300 - Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light-Sound Meter
      EXTECH - Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light-Sound Meter Model # EN300

    • Rugged environmental meter with tripod mount and RS-232 PC interface
    • Large dual LCD simultaneous display of Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity
    • Characters on display reverse direction depending on Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer or Light-Sound Mode
    EXTECH LT300 - Light Meter
      EXTECH - Light Meter Model # LT300

    • Wide range to 40,000Fc or 400,000 Lux with max resolution to 0.01 Fc/Lux
    • Relative mode indicates change in light levels, peak mode captures highest reading
    • Remote light sensor on 12″ (30.5cm) coiled cable expandable to 24″ (61cm)
    EXTECH LT40 - LED Light Meter 4000Count
      EXTECH - LED Light Meter 4000Count Model # LT40

    • Measure white LED and Standard Lighting in Lux or Foot-Candle (Fc) units
    • Built-in sensor with protective cover
    • 4000 count LCD display
    EXTECH 401025 - Foot Candle/Lux Light Meter
      EXTECH - Foot Candle/Lux Light Meter Model # 401025

    • Accurately displays light level in terms of Fc or Lux over three ranges:
      • Fc (0-200, 0-2000 and 0-5000Fc)
      • Lux (0-2000, 0-20000, 0-50000Lux)
    • Resolution of 0.1Fc or 1Lux with 5% accuracy
    • Select fast (0.2 second) or slow (0.4 seconds) response
    EXTECH SDL400 - Light Meter/Datalogger
      EXTECH - Light Meter/Datalogger Model # SDL400

    • Wide range to 10,000Fc or 100kLux
    • Cosine and color-corrected measurements
    • Utilizes precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter
    UNI-T UT382 - Luminometer (Illuminance Measurement); Lux:20-20;000
      UNI-T - Luminometer (Illuminance Measurement); Lux:20-20;000 Model # UT382

    • Performs both LUX and FC measurements
    • Selectable ranges for both measurement modes
    • Simple push-button interface with LCD screen
    UNI-T UT383 - Light Meter0-200;000 Lux
      UNI-T - Light Meter0-200;000 Lux Model # UT383

    • Small; lightweight; economical
    • Max/average mode
    • Data hold
    EXTECH EA30 - EasyView™ Wide Range Light Meter
      EXTECH - EasyView™ Wide Range Light Meter Model # EA30

    • Compact and rugged design
    • Widest range to 40,000Fc/ 400,000Lux is ideal for outdoor applications
    • Large display with bargraph, Relative function for zero or difference from reference value
    EXTECH EN100 - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter
      EXTECH - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter Model # EN100

    • Built-in sensors measure Air Velocity, Air Flow, Temperature, Humidity, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Heat Index, Wind Chill, Barometric Pressure, Altitude, and Light
    • Field replaceable low friction vane wheel improves air velocity accuracy
    • Backlit LCD display (auto off after 5 seconds)
    EXTECH HD450 - Datalogging Heavy Duty Light Meter
      EXTECH - Datalogging Heavy Duty Light Meter Model # HD450

    • Automatically stores up to 16,000 readings or manually store/recall up to 99 readings
    • Large backlit LCD display with 40-segment bar graph
    • Wide range to 40,000Fc or 400,000 Lux
    EXTECH 45170 - 4-in-1 Pocket-size Environmental Meter
      EXTECH - 4-in-1 Pocket-size Environmental Meter Model # 45170

    • Ergonomic pocket size housing with large dual LCD simultaneous display of Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity.
    • Characters on display reverse direction depending on Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer or Light Mode.
    • Data Hold to freeze the displayed value.
    • Records Min/Max readings.
    EXTECH LT505 - Auto Ranging Pocket Light Meter
      EXTECH - Auto Ranging Pocket Light Meter Model # LT505

    • Measure light levels in Foot-Candle (Fc) or Lux units using a precision photo diode with cosine and color correction filter
    • Handheld and portable.
    • Large LCD display.
    • Zero/Calibration function
    PCE Instruments 170 A - Light Meter with Built-In Sensor
      PCE Instruments - Light Meter with Built-In Sensor Model # 170 A

    • The PCE-170 A Illuminometer can be used even by inexperienced personnel, with this unit you will be able to perform a professional valuation and can be widely used within the industrial sector.
    • For example, it is possible to check light conditions in workplaces, warehouses, industries and apartments with the PCE-170 A Illuminometer. In addition, emergency escape routes can be tested with the PCE-170A Illuminometer for proper illumination. The PCE-170 A Illuminometer is an irreplaceable instrument to prevent occupational hazards and it meets professional standards.
    •  The digital PCE-170 A Illuminometer measures in Lux units (lumen/m² or lumen/foot²). This solid and portable unit provides very accurate results and comes with a zero-reset function when it is on.
    PCE Instruments 174 - Light Meter with Datalogger
      PCE Instruments - Light Meter with Datalogger Model # 174

    • With memory for up to 16,000 readings is used for measuring light in industry, agriculture, and research. It can also be used for determining illumination in the workplace, shop window displays, and by designers.
    • It meets with all international standards within the category for Illuminometers. This displays measurement results in lux and Foot Candle, consider that 1 FC is equal to 10.70 lux.
    • The device automatically detects the peak value, when this value is retained for a minimum 10 µs. Thanks to the possibility of selecting the measurement range, the PCE-174 Illuminometer converts into a high precision instrument that is easy to use even by inexperienced personnel.
    PCE Instruments EM 883 - Multifunction Environmental Meter
      PCE Instruments - Multifunction Environmental Meter Model # EM 883

    • Our multifunctional illuminometer PCE-EM 883 combines all important features for measuring the ambient conditions in one device. Thanks to the large number of external sensors that the illuminometer brings with, fast and precise measurements are possible.
    • It is also able to detect not only the sound level but also the temperature, the light, the wind speed and the humidity of the environment.
    • It allows one-handed operation as it has only eight buttons that are easily accessible. Because our illuminometer is a non-stationary device, it can be made at various locations.
    PCE Instruments 172 - Lux Meter
      PCE Instruments - Lux Meter Model # 172

    • Used to measure the lighting conditions in industry, agriculture and research. Increasingly, the lux meter is also used to test lighting in workplaces, in the decoration of shop windows and by designers. It meets international standards for this type of lux meter.
    • The lux meter provides measurement results in Lux and FootCandle units, where 1 fc is equal to 10.70 lux. Calculator for the conversion of lux.
    • The device automatically detects the peak value if this value lasts for at least 10 μs. Due to the selectable measuring range the lux meter PCE-172 has high accuracy. The handling is very easy.
    PCE Instruments LED 20 - Handheld Light Meter with Automatic Range Selection
      PCE Instruments - Handheld Light Meter with Automatic Range Selection Model # LED 20

    • PCE-LED 20 is a photometer with an external LED light sensor. The cable of the sensor has an extended length of approx. 1.5 m / 4.9 ft. Different work or production processes require different lighting conditions.
    • By means of various presets, the functions installed in the device can also be activated or deactivated. These functions include the normal HOLD function, in which the measured value is frozen in the display.
    • Measurements are possible with the LED lux meter in lux or footcandle. The unit has only seven keys, allowing for one-hand operation. This also makes the instrument simple to use.
    • The measuring sensor of the LED lux meter has a large exposure area. For convenience, the sensor is located on a coiled cable that can be extended to full length only when needed. A protective cap on the sensor prolongs its life.
    PCE Instruments CRM 40 - Light Meter/Photometer 150,000Lux
      PCE Instruments - Light Meter/Photometer 150,000Lux Model # CRM 40

    • With the photometer or spectrophotometer PCE-CRM 40, important photometric factors in the field of light measurement can be determined. These include the tristimulus values of XYZ, the u´ and v´ color location coordinates according to CIE 1976, and the xy color location coordinates according to CIE 1931.
    • Moreover, further color statistics are measured as absolute values and differences. The user can determine the dominant wavelength within the sensitivity range of the spectrophotometer, which is 360 to 780 nm, as well as the color density (Pe) and the correlated color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin.
    • Also, the spectrophotometer can measure the illuminance in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fcd) as well as the light flux in lumens (lm) and show the color location in the RGB color space.

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