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  • EXTECH 45160 - 3-in-1 Humidity; Temperature and Airflow meter
      EXTECH - 3-in-1 Humidity; Temperature and Airflow meter Model # 45160

    • 3-in-1 meter measures Humidity, temperature and Air Velocity.
    • High Temperature measurements can be made using the Type K Thermocouple input.
    EXTECH 45170 - 5-in-1 Environmental Meter
      EXTECH - 5-in-1 Environmental Meter Model # 45170

    • Dual LCD simultaneously displays Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity.
    • High Temperature air or surface measurements can be made using the built-in Type K input.
    • Comes complete with built-in Humidity sensor, Light sensor and Vane wheel, wrist strap, and 9-Volt battery.
    EXTECH EN150 - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter with UV
      EXTECH - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter with UV Model # EN150

    • The EN150 is a compact Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer with UV Light Sensor.
    • 11-in-1 Environmental Meter for indoor and outdoor conditions.
    • Built in UV sensor measures UV light level, natural sunlight measurements. 
    EXTECH EN300 - Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light-Sound Meter
      EXTECH - Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light-Sound Meter Model # EN300

    • Five testers in one
    • Measure humidity, temperature, air velocity, light and sound without multiple testers
    • Dual LCD display
    EXTECH LT300 - Light Meter
      EXTECH - Light Meter Model # LT300

    • Measure light intensity up to 20,000 foot-candles or 200,000 Lux
    • Digital and analogue light displays
    • Extremely accurate readings
    EXTECH LT10 - Pocket Series Light MeterCompact, One-Button Operation Light Meter
      EXTECH - Pocket Series Light MeterCompact, One-Button Operation Light Meter Model # LT10

    • Pocket-sized housing with easy one-button operation
    • Large, backlit LCD display
    • Double-molded side grip
    EXTECH LT40 - LED Light Meter 4000Count
      EXTECH - LED Light Meter 4000Count Model # LT40

    • Measure white LED and Standard Lighting in Lux or Foot-Candle (Fc) units
    • Built-in sensor with protective cover
    • 4000 count LCD display
    EXTECH 401025 - Foot Candle/Lux Light Meter
      EXTECH - Foot Candle/Lux Light Meter Model # 401025

    • Simple, handheld device that offers you core functions for ease of use
    • You can choose between fast and slow response times (one or two seconds respectively)
    • Features analogue output of 1mV per count, which is used for capturing the readings to the recorder
    EXTECH SDL400 - Light Meter/Datalogger
      EXTECH - Light Meter/Datalogger Model # SDL400

    • Wide range to 10,000Fc or 100kLux
    • Cosine and color-corrected measurements
    • Utilizes precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter
    UNI-T UT382 - Luminometer (Illuminance Measurement); Lux:20-20;000
      UNI-T - Luminometer (Illuminance Measurement); Lux:20-20;000 Model # UT382

    • Performs both LUX and FC measurements
    • Selectable ranges for both measurement modes
    • Simple push-button interface with LCD screen
    UNI-T UT383 - Light Meter0-200;000 Lux
      UNI-T - Light Meter0-200;000 Lux Model # UT383


    Equipped with photoelectric sensing technology; which can effectively represent light intensity with electrical signals; then processes data and displays the result on LCD.

    EXTECH EA30 - EasyView™ Wide Range Light Meter
      EXTECH - EasyView™ Wide Range Light Meter Model # EA30

    • Compact and rugged design
    • Widest range to 40,000Fc/ 400,000Lux is ideal for outdoor applications
    • Large display with bargraph, Relative function for zero or difference from reference value
    GAZELLE G9408 - Mini Light Meter
      GAZELLE - Mini Light Meter Model # G9408

    • Can effectively measure light intensity and display results in units of Lux or FC on screen.
    • Illuminance measurement (LUX) – 0~199,900Lux
    TESTO 540 - LUX Meter – 0 to 99,999 Lux
      TESTO - LUX Meter – 0 to 99,999 Lux Model # 540

    • For quick and easy measurements in the workplace
    • Sensor based on the spectral sensitivity of the human eye
    • Hold function, min/max values
    EXTECH EN100 - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter
      EXTECH - 11-in-1 Environmental Meter Model # EN100

    • Built-in sensors measure Air Velocity, Air Flow, Temperature, Humidity, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Heat Index, Wind Chill, Barometric Pressure, Altitude, and Light
    • Field replaceable low friction vane wheel improves air velocity accuracy
    • Backlit LCD display (auto off after 5 seconds)
    EXTECH HD450 - Datalogging Heavy Duty Light Meter
      EXTECH - Datalogging Heavy Duty Light Meter Model # HD450

    • Automatically stores up to 16,000 readings or manually store/recall up to 99 readings
    • Large backlit LCD display with 40-segment bar graph
    • Wide range to 40,000Fc or 400,000 Lux

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