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  • Gas Detection

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    A gas detector is a safety system device that detects a gas leak or other emissions and is also used to detect oxygen depletion and the presence of combustible or toxic gases. Gas detectors use sensors to measure the concentration of specific gasses in the atmosphere. The sensor serves continuously monitors the atmosphere and triggers a measurable electric current when a chemical reaction caused by a specific gas occurs. The sensor monitors the electrical currents and alarms the user when the gas rises to a level that is deemed hazardous.

    Gas detectors cover a wide range of gas detection systems such oxygen, toxic gas, and combustible gas detectors, and so on.



    • Easy to use
    • Helps detect what kind of gases are in the location of interest
    • Logs data quickly
    • Saves long-run costs


    Who uses Gas Detection?

    • Oil & Gas engineers
    • Civil engineers
    • Welders
    • Offshore engineers
    • Waste management engineers


    Where are Gas Detection used?

    • Marine
    • Offshore
    • Waste management
    • Emergency Response
    • Turnarounds, shutdowns, and plant outages


    How to safely use Gas Detection?

    • Assess potential worker exposure to combustible and toxic gases and vapors as well as low level of oxygen
    • Determine the appropriate gas and vapor monitoring needed for a workplace
    • Perform a blocked flow test before each day’s use
    • Wait sufficient time for the reading; response times vary based on gas and length of the sampling line


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