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  • Calibration Tools

    Buy the upscaled collection of Calibration tools from our retail shops in Dubai, UAE. We offer multifunction calibrators, pressure calibrators, calibration tools accessories, temperature calibrators, and loop calibrators. AAB Tools provides high-quality calibration tools in Dubai, UAE from the leading brand, Fluke.


    Instrument calibration is a primary process used to ensure instrument accuracy. It is an instrument configuration process that is used to provide a result for a sample within the set acceptable range. A fundamental aspect of calibration is to eliminate or minimize the factors that cause inaccurate measurements. Calibrating a device helps validate that design/manufacturing processes are under statistical control and within the system error budget.



    • Ensures that instrument drift is minimized
    • Rectifies the device back to high accuracy measurement capacities after an unexpected shock or vibration that might have put the device out of its specified limits
    • Ensures product/batch quality remains consistently high over time


    Who uses Calibration Tools?

    • Metrologists
    • Instrumentation and control (I&C)
    • Electrical and instrumentation technicians and engineers
    • Facility management engineers
    • Maintenance technicians and engineers
    • Quality engineers
    • Field engineers


    Where is Calibration Tools used?


    Calibration tools are used either in a dedicated calibration laboratory or out in a plant or on the field. Some devices that need regular calibration assessments include:

    • IR & thermal cameras
    • Multimers
    • Clamp meters
    • Power and energy meters & analyzers
    • Installation and earth testers
    • Thermohygro meters
    • Pressure and temperature transmitters & gauges
    • RCD testers


    How to safely use Calibration Tools?

    • A user must know which parameter needs to be measured or tested
    • Make sure all the electrical connections are as per the desired measurements
    • Never use instruments beyond its highest range limit or it may result in the calibration instrument malfunctioning
    • While operating on high temperatures, make sure to wear proper PPE kit
    • While operating on high pressure, all the fittings must be fully tightened or it may result in a blast of the fittings
    • While using Class I and Class II equipment, make sure it has valid pat test certifications


    AABTools is the largest authorized distributor and supplier of Fluke Calibration Tools in the UAE. Shop online for calibration tools or at our retail stores across in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.