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  • E201001
      EXPERT - Spring Compressor Set Model # E201001

    • Body length: 453 mm.
    • Compression travel: 300 mm.
    • Maximum power: 10200 N (about 1 ton).
      EXPERT - Positive Lift Action Clip Remover Pliers 240mm Model # E201201

    • Easy access for removing clips difficult to reach.
    • Avoids damaging the clip.
      EXPERT - Trim Clip Pliers : 35 ­ offset Model # E201202

    • Easy access for removing clips difficult to reach.
    • Ideal to remove insulating foam and upholstery.
    • Avoids damaging the clip.
      EXPERT - Mini Trim and Panel Removal kit (6 pcs) Model # E201203

    • Range of tools used to remove or unclip plastic parts without damage.
    • Color : Blue
      EXPERT - Composite Scraper kit (4 pcs) Model # E201204

    • Range of tools allowing to remove upholstery; stickers on bodywork and residues on alloy wheels.
    • 4 widths: 20 - 23 - 25 - 38 mm.
      EXPERT - Universal lockout tool set 9pc Model # E201206

    • Complete set of tools for removing and installing airbags in the vehicle.
    • 5 1/4" 80 mm long hex sockets to reach fasteners.
    • 7 tools dedicated to fitting and removing airbags.

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