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  • 382252
      EXTECH - Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit Model # 382252

    • Comes complete with test leads and two auxiliary Earth bars
    • AC/DC voltage, resistance, and continuity testing
    • Auto power off
      EXTECH - 4-Wire Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit Model # GRT300

    • Earth resistance measurements up to 2000?
    • 2, 3 and 4 wire testing procedures
    • Also measures AC earth voltage
      EXTECH - Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester Model # 382357

    • Autoranging ground resistance measurements from 0.025? to 1500? with 0.002? resolution
    • Programmable high/low alarm
    • Large 23mm jaw size for large ground rods
      FLUKE - Basic Geo Earth Ground Tester Model # 1623-2

    • 3 and 4-pole fall of potential earth resistance loop testing
    • 4-pole soil resistivity testing
    • Selective and stakeless testing
    1623-2 Kit
      FLUKE - Basic GEO Earth Ground Tester Kit Model # 1623-2 Kit

    • 3 and 4-pole fall of potential earth resistance loop testing
    • Comes with earth tester; USB cable; 2 clamps; carrying case; earth ground stakes and cable reels
    • 4-wire; 3-wire and stakeless testing
      FLUKE - Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester Model # 1625-2

    • Easily measure earth ground resistance using clamps or stakes
    • 1500 record internal memory with download to PC
    • Automatic frequency control; adjustable limits; 3 and 4-pole testing
    1625-2 Kit
      FLUKE - Advanced Geo Earth Ground Tester; Kit Model # 1625-2 Kit


    Includes the Fluke 1625-2 earth ground resistance tester for 3- and 4-point testing plus short-range ground resistance test kit with cables and ground stakes.

    1630-2 FC
      FLUKE - Earth Ground Clamp Meter 1000V Model # 1630-2 FC

    • Earth ground ac leakage current measurement
    • Heavy-duty clamp jaw stays in alignment and in calibration even in every day, on-the-job industrial environments.
    Cable Reel 25M BL
    Cable Reel 25M GR
    Cable Reel 50M RD
    Earth Stake
      UNI-T - Earth Ground Tester 40W / 400W / 4000W Model # UT522


    Measuring the earth resistance of all kinds of electrical power system; electrical equipment and anti-thunder equipment. It can also measure the earth voltage. It is applicable to testing operating earth systems of smelting; communication; manufacture; fossil oil; national defense; electricity; chemical industry and construction.

      UNI-T - Earth Ground Tester Model # UT523A


    UT523 Series Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester is specially designed and manufactured for measuring earth resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC voltage. 

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