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    UNI-T UT309A HVAC Infrared ThermometerSGL Laser / IP54 / D:S Ratio- 10:1

    # UT309A

    • Professional infrared thermometers can determine surface temperature through measuring infrared energy radiated by the target surface.
    • Designed to meet one of the highest protection ratings in UNI-T’s product line, with IP65 and 3m drop proof.
    • With a rapid response rate of 250ms.
    • UNI-T
    • UT309A
    • Measurement range:
    • D:S Ratio
    • Basic accuracy


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    • 3m drop proof; IP65
    • Large LED display with backlight
    • MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF mode
    • High/Low temperature alarm with LED indication
    • Lock measurement
    • Data hold/auto power off function
    Specifications Range
    Model UT309A
    Temperature  -35 ~ 450°C
     -31~ 842°F
    Temperature testing precision ≥0°C: ±1.8°C or  ±1.8%

    ≤0°C: +/-(1.8°C + 0.1°C/°C)

    ≥32°F: ±3.6°F or ±1.8%

    ≤32°F: +/-( ±3.6°F + 0.2°F/°F)
    Repeated accuracy ±1.0°C or  ±0.8%
    Display resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F
    D:S (Distance to Spot Size) 10:10
    Response time 250ms (95% of reading)
    Emissivity (adjustable, step length: 0.01) 0.95
    Laser count Single point laser
    Laser type Type 2 (Ⅱ)
    Laser power <1mW
    Laser wavelength 630nm ~ 670nm
    Spectral response 8μm ~ 14μm
    °C/ °F selection
    Laser switch
    Display hold(s) 8
    Data hold
    Auto power off
    Low battery indication
    Locking measurement
    High temperature alarm (red LED)
    Low temperature alarm (blue LED)
    LCD backlight
    Power-off memory
    Protection grade IP65
    Drop test 3m
    Tripod mounting holes
    General Characteristics
    Power supply 9V battery (6F22)
    LCD size 32mm × 29mm 
    Device color Red and grey
    Device weight 292g
    Device size

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