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    UNI-T UTi160A Infrared Thermal Imager

    # UTi160A

    Supported with high-quality optical lens; ease-of-use operating system.

    • UNI-T
    • UTi160A
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    • IFOV


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    • The size of radiation energy of object is related to surface temperature of objects.
    • Infrared radiation: in nature; all objects with temperature above absolute zero(-273C) with emit infrared radiation to the outside world.
    • Infrared detector: it’s the device which can convert the change of amount of infrared radiation of measured object into power change; i.e. convert light signals into electrical signals.
    • Infrared thermal imager will focalize the infrared energy radiated from measured objects to infrared detector by optical devices.
    • After the infrared data which each pixel on detector receivers are processed; compare the pre-calibrated temperature data; convert them into standard video format and display; thus the process can be achieved that the heat distribution of measured objects is converted into infrared thermal map.
    • This infrared thermal map corresponds to the thermal distribution on the surface of measured objects.

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