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  • Rubi 52900 Laser & Level Electric Cutter 230V 50HZ, DX-250 PLUS 1000

    # 52900

    This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    • Equipped with protective head for safety in the use of segmented blades.
    • High performance plunge effect. Maximum cutting height.
    • Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings for maximum precision and reliability. Perfect finishes.
    • Adjustable mobile head with plunge effect capability.
    • Blade cooling by water pump with regulating tap
    • Diamond blade Ø 250mm not included.
    • With thermal and overload security switches.
    • It comes with the new ZERO DUST system mounted, as well as a second set of standard splash skirt.
    • Aluminium working surface removable for easy cleaning.
    • Equipped as standard with laser tracer for a better cutting precision and spirit level to facilitate the correct installation of the cutter.
    • With lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
    • Retractile legs with “shield” function and wheels for transportation.
    • Removable water tank system.
    • Motor on top and belt transmission.
    • Machine supplied without cable
    • Zero Dust
    • Level
    • Adjustable flow
    • Angular measurement
    • INCH/MM. ruler
    • Cutting height 70/145 mm
    • Maximum 1 hour of continuous work recommended by TNO
    • Laser
    • Plunge Effect
    • Foldable head
    • Power
    • Maximum 3 hours of continuous work recommended by TNO

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