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    MEGGER RCDT330 RESIDUAL CURRENT DEVICE TESTERS with RCD trip current test (RAMP) + Result storage and Download

    # RCDT330

    • Tests standard, DC and selective RCDs
    • Ramp testing
    • Auto (Remote) testing
    • MEGGER
    • RCDT330
    • Tests standard, DC and selective RCDs
    • Ramp testing
    • Auto (Remote) testing
    • 3 Phase safe
    • Enables testing on 110 V centre tapped supplies.
    • Tough rubber armoured case with built-in cover
    • Weatherproof to IP54
    RCD Test Ranges (to EN61557-6)
    Supply Voltage RCDT310: 100V to 280V (45Hz to 65Hz)
    RCDT320: 50V to 280V (45Hz to 65Hz)
    RCDT330: 50V to 280V (45Hz to 65Hz)
    Minimum voltage 71V for 300mA RCDs, 100V for 500mA RCDs and 205V for 1000mA RCDs
    Test Current Accuracy
    No Trip Test (1/2I): -8 to -2%
    Trip Test (I, 5I): +2% to +8%
    Trip Time ±1% ± 1ms
    Voltage Measurement
    AC Range 0 to 300V (25 to 450Hz)
    Accuracy ±2% ± 2 digits
    Frequency Measurements (RCDT320/330 Only)
    Range 25 to 450Hz
    Accuracy 25 to 199.9Hz ± 0.1Hz
    200Hz to 450Hz ± 1Hz
    Fault (Touch) Voltage
    Displayed Range 0 to 50V
    Error +5%/+15% ± 0.5V
    Programmable RCD Step Increments
    10mA to 50mA 1mA steps
    50mA to 500mA 5mA steps
    500mA to 1000mA 10mA steps
    Test Result Storage (1000 Results) – RCDT330 Only
    Job Number 256 locations
    Distribution Board Number 99 locations
    Circuits 99 locations
    Phases P1, P2, P3
    Temperature and Humidity
    Operating Range -5 to 40°C
    Operating Humidity 93% RH at +40°C max
    Storage Range -25 to 70°C
    Maximum Altitude 2000m
    Environmental Protection IP54
    Rating IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V phase to earth
    Power Supply
    Batteries 8 x 1.5V cells IEC LR6 type (AA alkaline)
    Rechargeable 8 x 1.2V NiCd or NiMH cells
    Battery Life 2000 consecutive tests
    General Specs
    Weight 980g
    Dimensions 203 x 148 x 78mm
    E.M.C In accordance with IEC61326-1

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