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    MEGGER LTW425 2 Wire loop impedance testers 50 V to 440 V applications / Phase to phase testing + 40 kA PFC range and 0.001 Ω resolution

    # LTW425

    • Two wire loop impedance measurement.
    • Phase to Earth testing.
    • Phase to Neutral testing.
    • Two wire loop impedance measurement.
    • Phase to Earth testing.
    • Phase to Neutral testing.
    • Guaranteed not to trip working RCDs of up to 30mA.
    • Three phase circuits with RCD protection can also be tested.
    • Test runs for approx. 10 secs.
    • Sophisticated noise detection circuitry that monitors supply to ensure accuracy.
    • Additional 10 secs is required if electrical noise is detected that could affect results.
    • High current test used for supplies with no RCD.
    • Auto-start function will start loop test running as soon as leads are connected.
    • Enables testing on 110V centre tapped supplies.
    • Frequency measurement.
    • Backlit display.
    • Three-phase safe and Category IV 300V rated.
    General Accuracy
    All accuracy statements are based on:
    Ambient Temperature23° ±2°C
    Nominal Voltage Source230V a.c ±1%
    Voltage Measurements
    (ac only)50V to 440V
    Accuracy±2% ±1V
    Frequency Measurements
    Range 25Hz to 99.99Hz
     A warning will be shown if applied voltage exceeds 440V.
    Damage will occur if applied voltage exceeds 600V rms
    Loop Testing Accuracy
    ±5% ±0.03Ω@230V a.c
    ±10% ±0.02Ω
    ±15%±0.03Ω@50V a.c.
    No Trip Loop and High Current Loop Test
    Source Voltage 50V to 440V (49Hz to 50.1Hz)
    Display Range0.01 to 2000Ω
    Accuracy±5% ± 0.03Ω
    No Trip Loop Test Nominal Current 15ma (at nominal 230V a.c supply)
    High Current Loop Test4A (at nominal 230V a.c supply)
    Operational Range0.30 to 1000Ω
    Prospective Fault Current (PFC)
    Prospective Fault Current =Measured Source Voltage/Loop Resistance
    Maximum RangeNo Trip Mode: 20KA
    Accuracy is derived from loop test and voltage measurement
    SafetyIEC 61010
    Designed to IEC61010-1
    Designed for 300 volts to Earth Category IV
    with phase to phase voltages to 440V.
    Fuse protected to 600 volts rms AC
    EN61557 Complies with the following parts of EN61577:
    Electrical Safety in Low Voltage Systems up to
    1000V ac and 1500V dc – Equipment for testing,
    measuring or monitoring of protective measures:
    Part 1: General Requirements
    Part 3 – Loop Resistance
    E.M.CIn accordance with IEC61326-1
    Power Supply
    Battery8 x 1.5V Cells IEC LR6 Type (AA Alkaline)
    Rechargeable8 x 1.2V NiCd or NIMH Cells
    Battery Life2000 consecutive tests
    Weight1000g ±10% excluding test leads
    Dimensions203 x 148 x 78mm

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