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    FLUKE TPS CLAMP 200A-20A Clip-on Current Transformer 200A/20A (Fluke 1760)

    # TPS CLAMP 200A-20A

    • Clip-on Current Transformer 200/20A AC
    • FLUKE
    • TPS CLAMP 200A-20A


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    This Fluke transformer can provide you with a range of features, on top of being easy to use and travel with. It’s capable of offering a measuring range that’s selectable per software, of both 0.01A to 1A and 0.1A to 10A. It even offers you peak current for sinusoidal currents of 3.7A to 37A.

    With an intrinsic error figure of 0.5% and a frequency range of 40Hz to 10kHz, it proves one of the most capable devices around. You’ll be able to ensure that your device is capable of fixing voltage and current figures in a huge range of devices.

    If you invest in this transformer, you’ll even benefit from phase angle error at nominal current and an Imax maximum current without any form of time limit.

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