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  • FLUKE 805 FC Vibration Meter with Fluke Connect

    # 805 FC

    • Overall vibration measurement (10 Hz to 1;000 Hz) for acceleration; velocity and displacement units of measurement for a wide variety of machines
    • Memory holds up to 3;500 measurements
    • Features Fluke Connect

    Key features


    • Reliable, repeatable, accurate device for checking bearings and overall vibration
    • Features innovative sensor design that minimizes measurement variations caused by device angle or contact pressure
    • Provides consistent data quality at both low and high frequency ranges
    • Offers four-level severity scale to assess urgency of problems and bearing condition


    The reliable, repeatable, accurate way to check bearings and overall vibration


    Make go or no-go maintenance decisions with confidence. The Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter is the most reliable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition.


    Other useful features:

    • Allows you to export data via USB
    • Compatible with Fluke Connect® Mobile App that can transmit measurements to your smartphone to be shared in real time
    • Enables you to get authorization to take next steps in an instant if machine health is at risk via Fluke Connect™ Share-Live™ video call*
    • Allows you to view trending in Microsoft® Excel using pre-built templates
    • Measures overall vibration (10 Hz to 1,000 Hz) for acceleration, velocity, and displacement units of measurement for a wide variety of machines
    • Provides Crest Factor+ technology for reliable bearing assessment using direct sensor tip measurements between 4,000 Hz and 20,000 Hz
    • Compares vibration levels with ISO-10816 severity scales and stores results to the Fluke Connect Cloud
    • Features colored lighting system (green, red) and on-screen comments to indicate how much pressure needs to be applied to take measurements
    • Measures temperature with Spot IR Sensor to increase diagnostic capabilities
    • Holds and saves up to 3,500 measurements in on-board memory
    • Provides external accelerometer support for hard to reach locations
    • Features built-in flashlight for viewing measurement locations in dark areas
    • Provides large high-resolution display for easy navigation and viewing
    Low frequency range (overall measurement)10 Hz to 1,000 Hz
    High frequency range (CF+ measurement)4,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz
    Severity levelsGood, satisfactory, unsatisfactory, unacceptable
    Vibration limit50 g peak (100 g peak-peak)
    A/D converter16-bit
    Signal to noise ratio80 dB
    Sampling rateLow frequency: 20,000 Hz
    High frequency: 80,000 Hz
    Real time clock backupCoin battery
    Sensitivity100 mV g ± 10%
    Measurement range0.01 g to 50 g
    Low frequency range (overall measurement)10 Hz to 1,000 Hz
    High frequency range4,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz
    Resolution0.01 g
    AccuracyAt 100 Hz ± 5% of measured value
    Amplitude Units
    Accelerationg, m/sec²
    Velocityin/sec, mm/sec
    Displacementmils, mm
    Infrared Thermometer (Temperature Measurement)
    Range-20 °C to 200 °C (-4 °F to 392 °F)
    Accuracy±2 °C (4 °F)
    Focal lengthFixed, at ~3.8 cm (1.5″)
    External Sensor
    Note: Fluke supports but does not provide external sensors
    Frequency range10 Hz to 1,000 Hz
    Bias voltage (to supply power)20 V dc to 22 V dc
    Bias current (to supply power)Maximum 5 mA
    External interfacesUSB 2.0 (full speed) communication
    Data capacityDatabase on internal flash memory
    UpgradeThrough USB
    MemoryUp to 3,500 measurements
    Radiated Emission
    Electrostatic discharge: burstStandard EN 61000-4-2
    Electromagnetic interferenceStandard EN 61000-4-3
    REStandard CISPR 11, Class A
    Operating temperature-20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)
    Storage temperature-30 °C to 80 °C (-22 °F to 176 °F)
    Operating humidity10% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Operating/storage altitudeSea level to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)
    IP ratingIP54
    Vibration limit500g peak
    Drop test1 meter
    General Specifications
    Battery typeAA (2) Lithium Iron Disulfide
    Battery life250 measurements
    Size (L x W x H)24.1 cm x 7.1 cm x 5.8 cm
    (9.5 in x 2.8 in x 2.3 in)
    Weight0.40 kg (0.89 lb)
    ConnectorsUSB mini-B 7-pin, external sensor jack (SMB connector)
    • USB cable
    • Storage case
    • Belt holster
    • Quick reference guide
    • Two (2) AA batteries

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