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    FLUKE 729-750SW BU DPCTrack2 Bundle

    # 729-750SW BU

    • Automatic pressure generation and regulation to 300 psi
    • Easily document the process using onboard test templates
    • Automatic internal fine-pressure adjustment

    729 300G FC

    • Automatic pressure generation and regulation to 300 psi
    • Easily document the process using onboard test templates
    • Automatic internal fine-pressure adjustment
    • Measure, source and simulate 4 to 20 mA signals
    • 24V loop power for powering transmitters for tests
    • Bright dual/triple-channel color graphical display HART communication for testing HART smart transmitters
    • Built in leak testing for verifying test setups for leakage
    • Fluke Connect App compatibility
    • Measure VDC for testing 1V DC to 5V DC output transmitters
    • Upload documented test results to DPCTrack2 Calibration Management Software
    • For use with 700 and 750 Series


    • Build instrumentation maintenance routes and load to document process calibrators
    • Select downloaded tasks while in field, configured to match instruments being calibrated
    • Upload calibration results with field documented calibrations
    • Track asset and loop configurations, allowing associated items to be managed as group or individually
    • Graphical user interface featuring DPC/TRACK Explorer
    • Use DPC/TRACK Explorer with multi-window functionality to easily navigate and through all records and view calibrations
    • Communicate with documenting process calibrators easily and without configuration file changes through USB or RS-232 serial ports
    • Download and upload calibrations using drywell calibrator test standards
    • Use automatically-generated reminders to stay informed on all work items that need attention, including calibrations awaiting finalization, calibrations due, records awaiting approval, and more
    • Flexible scheduling features give greater degree of control when setting calibration frequencies
    • Powered by Crystal Reports
    • DPC/TRACK2 reporting system contains over 40 standard loaded reports that can be printed or exported to multiple file formats
    • Powerful query capabilities allow for advanced searches
    • Define what fields must be completed when entering new records
    • Software features unprecedented level of customization ability; redefine most field names and create user-defined variables to ensure software functions as necessary
    • Multiple test point groups allow for advanced calibration procedures with an easy-to-use interface
    • User interface available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese
    • Application support for pressure transmitter calibration, pressure switch testing, and testing temperature transmitter using dry well calibrator
    • For use with 740 and 750 Series

    Fluke Connect Mobile App

    • AutoRecord measurements: Take measurements automatically and instantly save them to your phone; wirelessly save measurements to Fluke Cloud and add text or audio annotations
    • TrendIt graphs: Trend measurements from a single session in a time series graph
    • ShareLive video call: View live tool measurements, video and audio to collaborate in real time with your entire team, without leaving the field
    • Fluke Cloud storage: Securely store up to 5 GB of data securely, per user
    • Reports: Create reports with accurate and traceable maintenance data
    Pressure Specification
    1-year Specification0.02 % of full scale
    Control Specification0.005 % full scale minimum
    Temperature Compensation15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) to rated accuracy
    Note: For temperatures from -10°C to +15 °C and 35°C to
    50°C, add 0.04 % of full scale
    Electrical Specification
    Ranges0 mA to 24 mA / 0 V dc to 30 V dc
    Resolution1 µA / 1 mV
    Accuracy0.01 % ±2 LSD all ranges (at 23°C ±5°C)
    Loop Compliance Voltage24 V dc @ 20 mA
    Mechanical Specification
    Size (H x W x L)7.0 cm x 27.9 cm x 17.3 cm (2.75 in x 11.0 in x 6.8 in)
    Weight2.95 kg (6.5 lb)
    • Fluke 729 Pressure Calibrator
    • DPCTrack2 Software
    • Test Leads
    • Hook Clips
    • Alligator Clips
    • Test Probes
    • Magnetic Hanger Kit
    • Carrying Strap
    • Adapter
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Traceable Certificate of Calibration
    • Safety Sheet
    • Power Supply
    • Hose kit with fittings
    • Rechargeable Battery (installed)
    • Soft Case

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