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    FLUKE 719PRO 300G Electric Pressure Calibrator; 20 bar

    # 719PRO 300G

    • Full functioning loop calibrator that sources; simulates and measures mA signals and more.
    • Features a pressure measurement range from -12 to 300 PSI.
    • Pressure measurement from internal or external sensor
    • FLUKE
    • 719PRO 300G
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    • Unique integrated electric pump for one handed pressure calibration
    • Test pressure switches easily with easy-to-use switch test function
    • Precision pressure adjust vernier for easy and accurate pressure calibration
    • Ideal accuracy and performance (0.025 %) for reference class transmitter calibration
    • 30 PSI; 150 PSI and 300 PSI pressure ranges
    • Programmable pressure calibrator pump limit:
    • Eliminates over-pressurization
    • Allows the user to program target pressures for pumping
    • Extended pressure measurement range with any of 29 700Pxx Pressure Modules
    • Pump cleanout ports reduce pump failures from moisture and fluid damage
    • Fluid trap included with the unit to mitigate chance of fluid damage in at-risk applications
    • Precision temperature measurement with optional RTD probe
    • Electric Pressure Calibrator, 300 PSIG
    • Test leads with alligator clips
    • Printed user’s manual and user’s manual on CD-ROM in 14 languages
    • Fluid trap
    • Carrying case
    • 1/4 inch NPT to 1/4 inch ISO adapter
    • Accessory hose kit with (2) 1/8 inch quick fit adapters and 1 meter of hose
    • Traceable Certificate of Calibration

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