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    FLUKE 6500-2 UK Kit Portable Appliance Tester Kit

    # 6500-2 UK Kit

    • Fully downloadable PAT tester with memory and PC connectivity
    • Easy to use – activate the test you need with just one button press
    • Pre-set PASS/FAIL levels, backlight, mains and IEC sockets, QWERTY keyboard and graphical display
    • Dedicated key for each test for Ôone-touchÕ testing
    • Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time
    • Large backlit display for easy reading
    • Single mains socket for appliance connection
    • Separate IEC socket for easy mains/extension lead testing
    • Detachable test leads for quick field replacement
    • Integral carrying handle
    • USB port for data transfer
    • Integral QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry
    • Additional USB memory capability for back-up data storage and transfer to PC
    • Large backlit graphics display
    • Pre-set; auto-test sequences for user convenience
    • Integral site; location and description codes for faster data processing
    • Memory review facility for more on-site control
    • USB port for data transfer
    Test specificationsThe accuracy specification for the display range is defined as ±(%reading + digit counts) at 23 °C ±5 °C, ≤75% RH.
    Between 0 °C and 18 °C and between 28 °C and 40 °C, accuracy specifications may degrade by 0.1 x (accuracy specification) per °C.
    The measurement range meets the service operating errors specified in EN61557-1: 1997, EN61557-2: 1997, EN61557-4: 1997, EN61557-6: 1997, DIN VDE0404-2.
    Power-on testThe test indicates reversed L-N, missing PE, and measures the mains voltage and frequency.
    Display range90 V to 264 V
    Accuracy at 50 Hz±(2% + 3 counts)
    Resolution0.1 V
    Input impedance> 1 MΩ // 2.2 nF
    Maximum input mains voltage264 V
    Earth bond test (Rpe)Display Range0 to 19.99 Ω
    Accuracy (after bond test zeroing)±(5% + 4 counts)
    Resolution0.01 Ω
    Test current200 mA AC -0% +40% into 1.99 Ω
    10 A AC ±20% into 25 mΩ at 230 V
    Open circuit voltage> 4 V AC, < 24 V AC
    Bond test zeroingcan subtract up to 1.99 Ω
    Insulation test (Riso)Display range0 to 299 MΩ
    Accuracy±(5% + 2 counts) from 0.1 to 300 MΩ
    Resolution0.01 MΩ (0 to 19.99 MΩ)
    0.1 MΩ (20 to 199.9 MΩ)
    1 MΩ (200 to 299 MΩ)
    Test voltage500 V DC -0% + 25% at 500 kΩ load or 250 V dc -0% +25% at 250 kΩ load
    Test current> 1 mA at 500 kΩ load, < 15 mA at 0 Ω
    Auto discharge time< 0.5 s for 1 μF
    Max. capacitive loadOperational up to 1 μF
    Touch current testDisplay range0 to 1.99 mA AC
    Accuracy±(4% + 2 counts)
    Resolution0.01 mA
    Internal resistance (via probe)2 kΩ
    Measuring methodProbe*
    Substitute leakage current testDisplay range0 to 19.99 mA AC
    Accuracy±(2.5% + 3 counts)
    Resolution0.01 mA
    Test Voltage100 V AC ±20%
    Load/leakage test: load currentDisplay range0 A to 13 A
    Accuracy±(4% + 2 counts)
    Resolution0.1 A*
    Load/leakage test: load powerDisplay range 230 V Mains0.0 VA to 3.2 kVA
    Accuracy±(5% + 3 counts)
    Resolution1 VA (0 to 999 VA), 0.1 kVA (>1.0 kVA)*
    Load/leakage test: leakage currentDisplay range0 to 19.99 mA
    Accuracy±(4% + 4 counts)
    Resolution0.01 mA*
    PELV testAccuracy at 50 Hz±(2% + 3 counts)
    Overload protection300 V rms
    Warning threshold25 V rms
    RCD test: trip currentOperational error±10%
    Nominal30 mA
    RCD test: trip timeStandard requirement61557 Part 6; tolerance of rated test current 0% to +10%
    Operational error±10%
    RCD typeAC general-purpose 30 mA
    Display range310 ms
    Resolution0.1 ms
    Accuracy3 ms
    Trip time limit at 100% (30 mA)300 ms
    Trip time limit at 500% (150 mA)40 ms
    *The appliance under test is energized at mains potential.


    Environmental specifications
    Operating temperature0 to 40 °C
    Relative humidityNon condensing <10 °C
    95% from 10 to 30 °C
    75% from 30 to 40 °C


    Safety specifications
    Safety ratingComplies with EN61010-1 3rd edition
    CAT II, 300 V, pol 2


    Mechanical and general specifications
    Size (L x W x H)200 x 275 x 114 mm
    Weight3.13 kg
    Power supply230 V +10% -15%, 50 Hz ±2 Hz or (6500-2 only: 110V +10% -15%,50 Hz ±2 Hz)
    Power consumption (tester)13 W typical (idle)
    60 W max. during 25A Bond test
    StorageTemperature-10 to 60 °C
    Corrosion70 °C @ 95% RH for 5 days max.
    Operating altitude0 up to 2000 m
    SealingIP-40 (enclosure), IP-20 (connectors)
    EMCComplies with EN61326-1, portable
    EMI Immunity3 V/m
    • 6500-2 PAT
    • UserÕs manual on CD
    • Quick reference guide
    • Hard Carrying Case
    • Test Lead
    • Test Probe
    • Crocodile Clip
    • Mains Cord
    • USB Stick
    • USB Cable

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