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    FLUKE 6200-2 UK Portable Appliance Tester UK; 230V

    # 6200-2 UK

    • Dedicated key for each test for ‘one-touch’ testing
    • Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time
    • Separate IEC socket for easy mains/extension lead testing
    • FLUKE
    • 6200-2 UK

    Perform More Tests Each Day

    The Fluke 6200-2 PAT tester is a low weight, small size, one-touch solution with redesigned auto-test capabilities to help you increase the number of portable appliance tests completed each day. The 6200-2 is designed to enable you to work faster without compromising safety – yours or your customer’s.


    One-Touch Solution…

    Pre-set test routines are initiated from a single button. This not only simplifies testing but also facilitates a faster, more efficient way of working.


    Low Weight…

    Weighing approximately 3 kg, the 6200-2 is lightweight and easy to carry when working on-site. The hard rugged carrying case (supplied) not only offers protection during transit but also includes extra storage space for accessories and other tools.


    Small Size…

    This portable appliance testers is also extremely compact, and has Fluke’s traditional ruggedness to be able to withstand working in the field. Packed with all the features you need for testing portable appliances, a Fluke PAT tester is a complete all-in-one solution.


    Fluke Simplifies Portable Appliance Testing

    • Dedicated key for each test for ‘one-touch’ testing
    • Pre-set pass/fail levels to save time
    • Large backlit display for easy reading
    • Single mains socket for appliance connection
    • Separate IEC socket for easy mains/extension lead testing
    • Detachable test leads for quick field replacement
    • Integral carrying handle
    • USB port for data transfer
    Test specifications The accuracy specification for the display range is defined as ±(%reading + digit counts) at 23 °C ±5 °C, ≤75% RH.
    Between 0 °C and 18 °C and between 28 °C and 40 °C, accuracy specifications may degrade by 0.1 x (accuracy specification) per °C.
    The measurement range meets the service operating errors specified in EN61557-1: 1997, EN61557-2: 1997, EN61557-4: 1997, EN61557-6: 1997, DIN VDE0404-2.
    Power-on test The test indicates reversed L-N, missing PE, and measures the mains voltage and frequency.
    Display range 90 V to 264 V
    Accuracy at 50 Hz ±(2% + 3 counts)
    Resolution 1 V
    Input impedance > 1 MΩ // 2.2 nF
    Maximum input mains voltage 264 V
    Earth bond test (R pe) Display Range 0 to 19.99 Ω
    Accuracy (after bond test zeroing) ±(2.5% + 4 counts)
    Resolution 0.01 Ω
    Test current 200 mA AC -0% +40% into 1.99 Ω
    25 A AC ±20% into 25 mΩ at 230 V
    Open circuit voltage > 4 V AC, < 24 V AC
    Bond test zeroing can subtract up to 1.99 Ω
    Insulation test (R iso) Display range 0 to 299 MΩ
    Accuracy ±(5% + 2 counts) from 0.1 to 300 MΩ
    Resolution 0.01 MΩ (0 to 19.99 MΩ)
    0.1 MΩ (20 to 199.9 MΩ)
    1 MΩ (200 to 299 MΩ)
    Test voltage 500 V DC -0% + 10% at 500 kΩ load
    Test current > 1 mA at 500 kΩ load, < 15 mA at 0 Ω
    Auto discharge time < 0.5 s for 1 μF
    Max. capacitive load Operational up to 1 μF
    Touch current test Display range 0 to 1.99 mA AC
    Accuracy ±(4% + 2 counts)
    Resolution 0.01 mA
    Internal resistance (via probe) 2 kΩ
    Measuring method Probe*
    Substitute leakage current test Display range 0 to 19.99 mA AC
    Accuracy ±(2.5% + 3 counts)
    Resolution 0.01 mA
    Test Voltage 100 V AC ±20%
    Load/leakage test: load current Display range 0 A to 13 A
    Accuracy ±(4% + 2 counts)
    Resolution 0.1 A*
    Load/leakage test: load power Display range 230 V Mains 0.0 VA to 3.2 kVA
    Accuracy ±(5% + 3 counts)
    Resolution 1 VA (0 to 999 VA), 0.1 kVA (>1.0 kVA)*
    Load/leakage test: leakage current Display range 0 to 19.99 mA
    Accuracy ±(4% + 4 counts)
    Resolution 0.01 mA*
    PELV test Accuracy at 50 Hz ±(2% + 3 counts)
    Overload protection 300 V rms
    Warning threshold 25 V rms
    *The appliance under test is energized at mains potential.


    Environmental specifications
    Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
    Relative humidity Non condensing <10 °C
    95% from 10 to 30 °C
    75% from 30 to 40 °C


    Safety specifications
    Safety rating Complies with EN61010-1 3rd edition
    CAT II, 300 V, pol 2
    • Fluke 6200-2 Portable Appliance Tester
    • Quick reference guide
    • Hard carrying case
    • Test lead
    • Test probe
    • Crocodile clip
    • Mains cord

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