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Catalog # 56613
  RIDGID - A-Frame Underground Cable Fault Locator and Receiver

The RIDGID® A-Frame Fault Locator is a purpose built system to simplify the location of ground faults in direct buried insulated wire.

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Catalog # 57608-RE600SC
  RIDGID - RE600SC ACSR Cutting Tool 50mm diameter

Designed for cutting up to 30 mm diameter ACSR.

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Catalog # 57638-RE600SC
  RIDGID - RE600SC CU/AL Cutting Tool 30mm diameter

Designed for cutting up to 50 mm diameter copper/aluminum building wire and and 50 mm dia. fine stranded copper wire

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Catalog # 57668-RE6004PI
  RIDGID - RE6004PI 4PI Crimp Tool 10 to 400 mm²

Designed for 4-point indent crimping of standard copper lugs from 10 to 400 mm² without the use of crimping dies.

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