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  • Lubrication Equipment

    Shop our selection of Lubrication Equipment from our retail outlets across Dubai & UAE - AABTools


    GROZ OLP/12 - Bucket Oil Pump 13 Litre
    GROZ FOP/10A - High Pressure Foot Operated Grease Pump
    GROZ GNB-25/3R/SPL - Rotary Barrel Steel Pump Inlet 1″
    GROZ LBP/04 - Lever Action Barrel Pump
    GROZ CMP/10 - Chemical Pump  15-55GAL Polypropylene
    GROZ CMP/12 - Chemical Pump  15-55GAL Nylon Construction
    GROZ PLP/02 - Plastic Lever Pump  15-55GAL
    GROZ MP21R - Oil Can 200ml/6 Oz Rigid Spout
    GROZ MP22F - Oil Can 300ml/10 Oz Flexible Spout
    GROZ FNL/9 - Plastic Funnel 9 In Dia 3.5 Ltr Cap
    GROZ MSR/P/F-1 - Flexible Spout Measure 1ltr (1quart)
    GROZ MSR/P/F-5 - Flexible Spout Measure 5ltr (5quart)
    GROZ GNB-25/3R/SPL - Rotary Barrel Steel Pump Inlet 1″

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