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  • Wood Working Tools

    Shop our selection of Wood Working Tools from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    Woodworking hand tools are the basic essentials required for carpentry and other woodwork. Professional woodworkers rely on everyday items such as handsaws, hand planers, clamps, and bench vises to execute their projects. Choosing the correct hand tools comes down to safety, comfort, reliability and precision.



    • Saves time and effort
    • Enables greater efficiency, flexibility and precision
    • Portable
    • Easy to use
    • Quiet nature of the tools means hearing protection as compared to the motorized counterparts
    • Lesser power compared to motorized tools, ensures considerably less saw dust which in turn preserve‚Äôs workers health


    Who uses Wood Working Tools?

    • Carpenters
    • Woodworkers
    • DIYers


    Where are Wood Working Tools used?

    • Workshops
    • Carpentry shops
    • Personal use


    How to safely use Wood Working Tools?

    • Always wear eye protection goggles to protect your eyes from saw dust
    • Inspect tools before use, and remove damaged tools from your operations
    • Ensure that blades and other cutting instruments are clean and sharp in order to give you the best precision
    • Wear slip resistant footwear to avoid slipping and well-fitting clothes to avoid cloth from getting stuck while work is in process
    • Be vigilant and pay attention to your cutting disk while working. Make sure your hand is not too close to the blade
    • Maintain a neutral posture and avoid overreaching in order to protect yourself from ergonomic injuries.


    AABTools is the largest hand tools dealer in UAE. Woodworking tools like clamps, handsaw, hand drill, wood chisels and hand planers. Shop now for the top Woodworking tools by Irwin, Ridgid, Groz and Stanley from our retail stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.