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  • Vibration Testers and Analyzers

    Shop our selection of Vibration Testers and Analyzers from our retail outlets across Dubai & UAE - AABTools


    FLUKE 805 FC - Vibration Meter with Fluke Connect
      FLUKE - Vibration Meter with Fluke Connect Model # 805 FC

    • Overall vibration measurement (10 Hz to 1;000 Hz) for acceleration; velocity and displacement units of measurement for a wide variety of machines
    • Memory holds up to 3;500 measurements
    • Features Fluke Connect
    FLUKE 810 - Vibration Tester
      FLUKE - Vibration Tester Model # 810

    • Identify and prioritize mechanical problems (bearings; misalignment; unbalance; looseness)
    • Tri-axial accelerometer reduces measurement time by 2/3 over single axis accelerometers
    FLUKE 820-2 - LED Stroboscope
      FLUKE - LED Stroboscope Model # 820-2

    • Includes digital pulse width modulation for exceptionally sharp images at high speeds
    • Provides rugged, durable design that uses solid-state LEDs with no filaments, gases, hollow cavities, or glass; (1 meter drop tested)
    • Features quartz-accuracy control system for high accuracy–0.02% (+/- 1 digit)
    FLUKE 810PA - AC Power Adapter with International Plug Set
      FLUKE - AC Power Adapter with International Plug Set Model # 810PA

    • AC power adapter with international plug set
    • For Fluke 810 handheld vibration tester
    FLUKE 810QDC - Quick Disconnect Cable
      FLUKE - Quick Disconnect Cable Model # 810QDC


    For use with Fluke 810 vibration tester.

    FLUKE 810S - Sensor
      FLUKE - Sensor Model # 810S


    For use with Fluke 810 vibration tester.

    FLUKE 810SMM - Sensor Magnet Mount
    FLUKE 810SMP - Sensor Mounting Pads (10-pack)
    FLUKE SBP-810 - Smart Battery Pack
    FLUKE 805 ES - External Vibration Sensor
      FLUKE - External Vibration Sensor Model # 805 ES

    • Low-profile 90-degree sensor body allows the sensor to get into tight spots
    • Connects directly to 805 FC Vibration Meter SMB connector located in the heel of the meter

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