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    • Large display for clear signal reading

      The large displays on SeekTech receivers give you the information you need when you need to locate with speed, accuracy and confidence.

      • Large display: Shows the utility’s estimated position, direction, and depth
      • Proximity Signal and Signal Strength – Helps the operator center the locator closer to the target for more confident locates
      • Continual Depth – Increases productivity by showing depth changes in real-time
      • Omni-Seek® – Increases accuracy and efficiency when searching in passive mode. Continuously searches passive power and radio bands to locate and avoid unknown metallic lines
    • GPS to accurately track direction

      • Target-Line – Guides the operator down the line and shows changes in direction
      • Left-Right Guidance Arrows – Points the operator to the target utility
      • Omni-directional antennas: Capture the complete signal field for greater speed and accuracy
      • Built-In GPS: Track location coordinates for mapping and GIS applications
    • Smartphone connectivity

      Accurately trace buried utilities by applying a signal with a RIDGID Line Transmitter. All transmitters have multiple frequency options and are capable of applying a signal by direct connection and induction. Powerful 5W and 10W transmitters apply a strong signal making for easier locates

      • Bluetooth® technology: Stream data to smartphones, tablets, or high-precision GPS instruments
      • Smartphone/Tablet RIDGIDtrax App: Map multiple tracks and waypoints and export to GIS software

    Ridgid SeekTech Range