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  • Undeground Line Transmitters

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    RIDGID 20973 - 4″ Inductive Signal Clamp
      RIDGID - 4″ Inductive Signal Clamp Catalog # 20973

    • Allows users to apply a signal to a cable or pipe when direct connection is not possible.
    • Compatible with all RIDGID transmitters.
    RIDGID 21898/ST305 - ST-305 Line Transmitter 5W
      RIDGID - ST-305 Line Transmitter 5W Catalog # 21898/ST305

    • Lets you energize metallic lines for tracing.
    • Lightweight and compact transmitter that delivers up to 5 watts of power.
    • Can transmit two frequencies simultaneously.
    • Audio feedback confirms a good circuit before beginning a trace.
    RIDGID 21903/ST510 - ST-510 Line Transmitter  10W
      RIDGID - ST-510 Line Transmitter 10W Catalog # 21903/ST510

    • Lets yo energize metallic lines for tracing with alocator.
    • Ten Watts of fully variable power output.
    • LCD display provides instant visal feedback on line resistance and crrent flow.
    RIDGID 49338/ST33Q+ - ST-33Q+ Line Transmitter with Bluetooth®
      RIDGID - ST-33Q+ Line Transmitter with Bluetooth® Catalog # 49338/ST33Q+

    • Induces over 8 times more current than traditional transmitters
    • Induces more current at lower frequencies, which are less prone to jump onto other lines in congested areas

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