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  • Network / Power Tester

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    UNI-T UT230B - Timing Power Meter Socket;
      UNI-T - Timing Power Meter Socket; Model # UT230B

    • Clear LCD dual display
    • Current overload protection
    • User defined electricity cost calculation


    UT681 series handheld cable testers can be used to fast check if Ethernet/telephone/BNC/HDMI cables are conducting, short-circuit, crossed or open-circuit. They are ideal tools for technicians to install, maintain and inspect week current system circuit.

    PCE Instruments PA6000 - Tabletop Power Meter
      PCE Instruments - Tabletop Power Meter Model # PA6000

    • The PCE-PA6000 power meter is a tabletop device for measuring effective power, apparent power, power factor, energy consumption, current, continuous voltage, resistance and frequency.
    • The power meter also offers the possibility to connect industrial current converters with a transmission relation of 100/5A or 1000/5A. Its large 93 x 52mm LCD is easy to read and provides a variety of results, including Watts, cos φ, ACV and ACA.
    • With the optional PCE-PA ADP current adaptor with ground wire (up to 10ACA) it can safely and quickly measure and analyse with the help of the power meter. Measurement of current and power can be done directly with test cables that come with the device or indirectly using the clamps.
    PCE Instruments LT 15 - LAN Network Cable Tester
      PCE Instruments - LAN Network Cable Tester Model # LT 15

    • The LAN tester PCE-LT 15 is a combination device which detects configuration errors in the network and at the same time can be used as a multimeter. Thus, the periphery of a network can be quickly checked with the LAN tester.
    • With the LAN tester PCE-LT 15 it is possible to check 8-pin data cables with RJ-45 connectors for continuity, open connections, and short circuits. In addition to the LAN test function, the LAN Tester can also measure DC and AC voltages.
    • With the LAN tester, which also serves as a multimeter, it is possible to perform a continuity test with buzzer and a diode test. The LAN tester is also a device that identifies the most common network installation errors.

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