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  • Portable Oscilloscopes

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    A portable oscilloscope is a device that uses waveform of electronic signals to see how voltage changes over time. When a voltage behaves incorrectly in a complex circuit, an oscilloscope us used to find out where the problem lies within the circuit such as unwanted signals.

    All modern oscilloscopes are digital. The display screen shows the measured signal of the voltage using a graph where time is represented on the horizontal axis, and the voltage is represented on the vertical axis. This display allows you to decide if the behavior of your circuits is accurate.



    • Portable
    • Measures the amplitude and frequency of a signal
    • Can visually determine if the signal has a normal shape
    • Provides accurate measurements of AC signals
    • Shows the peak to peak amplitude of the signal
    • Capable of monitoring the amount of AC ripple voltage riding the DC voltage which makes it an ideal tool to identify DC power supplies with excessive ripple which comes from component failure


    Who uses Portable Oscilloscopes?

    • Electrical engineers or testers
    • Electronic technicians
    • Automotive mechanics
    • Medical researchers
    • Television repair technicians
    • Physicists
    • Healthcare workers


    Where are Portable Oscilloscopes used?

    • Facilities management
    • Car repair garages
    • Hospitals
    • Electrical workshops
    • Manufacturing plants


    How to safely use Portable Oscilloscopes?

    • Before use, check that the selected/indicated range matches the local line power voltage and frequency
    • Only use line cords that comply with the local safety regulations
    • Use only insulated voltage probes, test leads and adapters supplied with the product
    • Before use, inspect voltage probes, test leads and accessories for mechanical damage and replace when damaged
    • Remove all probes, test leads and accessories that are not in use
    • Always connect the power adapter first to the ac outlet before connecting it to the product
    • Do not touch voltages >30 V ac rms, 42 V ac peak, or 60 V dc


    AABTools is the largest authorized distributor and supplier of Fluke portable oscilloscope in the United Arab Emirates. Portable oscilloscope are available to purchase online, or across our retain stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.