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  • EXTECH 380400 - Resistance Decade Box
      EXTECH - Resistance Decade Box Model # 380400

    • 1% Resistance substitution from 1 to 11, 111, 110Ohm
    • Seven decade ranges of resistance
    • 3 binding posts permit isolated substitutions
    EXTECH CG204 - Coating Thickness Tester
      EXTECH - Coating Thickness Tester Model # CG204

    • Automatic substrate recognition
    • Magnetic induction for ferrous substrates
    • Eddy current measurement for non-ferrous substrates
    • Easy-to use menu system
    EXTECH TKG100 - Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
      EXTECH - Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Model # TKG100

    • Measures the thickness level of steel-based structures and other materials
    • Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
    • Wide measurement range with multiple transducer compatability
    EXTECH TKG150 - Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge / Datalogger
      EXTECH - Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge / Datalogger Model # TKG150

    • Monochrome Thickness readout
    • Non-destructive measurements of wall thickness
    • Echo to Echo
    • B-scan
    • Datalogging and vibrate
    • built-in Non-Contact Voltage Detector.
    EXTECH TKG250 - Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge / Datalogger
      EXTECH - Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge / Datalogger Model # TKG250

    • Comprehensive evaluation of thickness levels in steel
    • Full colour high quality LCD display
    • Built-in datalogger stores thousands of readings
    EXTECH 475044 - High Capacity Force Gauge
      EXTECH - High Capacity Force Gauge Model # 475044

    • ange: 44 lbs, 20kg, 196 Newtons (±0.5% accuracy)
    • Ideal for a wide variety of applications in the electronics, automotive, chemical, plastics and machinery industries
    • Reversible display and fast/slow response mode
    EXTECH 475044-SD - High Capacity Force Gauge/Datalogger
      EXTECH - High Capacity Force Gauge/Datalogger Model # 475044-SD

    • Features 20kg, 44 lbs and 196 Newtons push/pull measurement capacity
    • Large dual backlit LCD with reversible display feature to match viewing angle
    • Record data on SD card
    EXTECH 475055 - High Capacity Force Gauge with PC Interface
      EXTECH - High Capacity Force Gauge with PC Interface Model # 475055

    • Ranges: 0.05 to 100kg; 0.05 to 220lbs; 0.2 to 980 Newton
    • Basic accuracy 0.5%
    • Tension or Compression, Peak hold and Zero functions
    UNI-T UT230B - Timing Power Meter Socket;
      UNI-T - Timing Power Meter Socket; Model # UT230B


    Can be used as power meter; electricity meter; voltage meter; current meter; energy meter

    UNI-T UTN821 - Intellegent Network Tester
      UNI-T - Intellegent Network Tester Model # UTN821

    • Multiple networking functions
    • Built-in memory
    • Compatible with PC

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