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  • FLUKE 1664FC DMS UK - FC Installation Tester w/insulation pre-test DMS/UK
      FLUKE - FC Installation Tester w/insulation pre-test DMS/UK Model # 1664FC DMS UK

    • Insulation-PreTestª safety function
    • Insulation at L-N, N-PE inputs
    • Automatic test sequence
    FLUKE 1664FC UK - Multifunction Installation Tester
      FLUKE - Multifunction Installation Tester Model # 1664FC UK

    • Autotest to test line/loop impedance; RCD trip current / trip time; insulation tests with a single connection and the press of a single button.
    • Additional high current loop mode.
    • Faster measurements compared to loop tests with non-trip mode for RCDs.
    FLUKE 1663 UK - Multifunction Installation Tester
    FLUKE 1662 UK - Installation Tester; W/Phase sequence
      FLUKE - Installation Tester; W/Phase sequence Model # 1662 UK


    The Fluke 1662 gives you Fluke reliability; simple operation and all the testing power you need for day-in; day-out installation testing.

    GAZELLE G9306 - RCD-ELCB Tester
    GAZELLE G9307 - Multifunction Electrical Tester
    UNI-T UT526 - Electrical Tester
    FLUKE 110V-ADAPTER-KIT - 110V-Adapter Kit , FLUKE-6500-2 UK
    FLUKE 166X-MTC-UK - Fluke 166X-Main test cord; UK
      FLUKE - Fluke 166X-Main test cord; UK Model # 166X-MTC-UK

    • Official Fluke 1660 Mains Lead
    • Works with the old Fluke 1650 Series
    FLUKE ES165X - Earth Spike Test Kit
    FLUKE MTC77 - Mains Test Cord (CEE 7 7 Schuko)
    FLUKE TL165X - Standard Test Lead Set (1650 S)
    FLUKE TP165X - Remote Control Probe (1650 S)
    FLUKE S-232 Cable-6500 - RS-232 Cable & Connector for Fluke 6500
    FLUKE ZERO ADAPTER - Zero adapter (165xB)

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