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  • Measuring and Layout Tools

    Shop our selection of Measuring and Layout Tools from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    When preparing and organizing a job site, experienced professionals never improvise or guesstimate the distances and dimensions. Precision is the most important factor that gives engineers and technicians the ideal head start needed to ensure efficiency once work commences. Correct measurements also allow professionals to save material while realizing outside plant jobs. Some must have professional measuring equipment includes laser distance meters, laser levels, rulers and squares, and classic box levels.



    • Provides high precision and accuracy
    • Helps in planning and organizing
    • Saves direct costs of materials
    • Portable
    • Easy to set up


    Who uses Measuring and Marking Tools?

    • Engineers
    • Handymen
    • Landscapers
    • Masons
    • Developers
    • Electrical workers
    • HVAC technicians
    • Electricians


    Where are Measuring and Marking Tools used?

    • Construction sites
    • Workshops
    • Facilities


    How to safely use Measuring and Marking Tools?

    • Make sure your devices are calibrated annually to ensure greater precision levels
    • Keep measuring instruments stored away from vibration as it may cause digital measuring devices to fall out of calibration over time
    • Store measuring tools at room temperature to ensure accuracy is maintained
    • Be careful about laying or using tools close to magnets or a magnetized surface
    • Clean tools after use
    • Do not bang, throw or bang the device on a hard surface


    Measuring and Marking tools from Gazelle, Expert, DeWalt and Irwin are available at our retail stores across the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.


    AABTools is the top hand tools distributor in UAE. Measuring and Marking tools like levels, ruling and squares, levels and alignment, laser distance meter, measuring tapes and wheels, chalk reels and scribing are available at AABTools. Shop now for the top measuring and marking tools by Gazelle, Expert, DeWalt and Irwin at our retail stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.