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      A thermal imaging camera is type of heat sensing testing equipment that is capable of detecting the smallest differences in temperatures. Using infrared radiation emitted from the object, thermal cameras capture and create an image of an object in a process called thermal imaging.


      The image that is created shows the temperature of the object called an “infrared image,” which is shows the user what the naked eye cannot. On the infrared image, the warmer objects are shown with a yellow-orange hue that gets redder as the object gets hotter. Colder objects are shown with a blue or purple hue, while greens are roughly room temperature.


      Thermal cameras can come in many forms from large devices that have to be kept on a stationary stand, while the other more commonly used thermal imagers are handheld devices that are ergonomic and controlled by a button to capture the infrared image.



      • Captures beyond what the naked eye can see through visible cameras
      • High accuracy leading to fewer false alarms
      • Minimal down-time as thermographers can carry out thermal inspections while the equipment or facility is fully operational due to the non-contact and non-invasive nature of the device.
      • Considerably reduces the risk of Occupational Health & Safety hazards


      Who uses Thermal Imager?

      • Firefighters
      • Law Enforcement officers
      • Power line maintenance technicians
      • Building Construction technicians
      • Mechanical Engineers
      • Utilities
      • Facilities management
      • HVAC technicians
      • Oil & gas maintenance engineers


      What is it used for?


      Thermal cameras have a large range of uses. Some of them include:

      • Military
      • Moisture and Mold Leaks
      • Heating and Cooling Troubleshooting
      • Preventative Maintenance
      • Medical First Responders
      • Surveillance and security
      • Animal Health
      • Flare detection


      How to safely use a Thermal imager?

      • Replace batteries when the device’s low battery indicator shows to ensure accuracy of measurements
      • Create a good infrared image by setting up the device so that all intended targets are in focus during the screening process
      • Ensure that the device is calibrated by a certified calibration laboratory prior to use, as well as make sure it is sent in at least once a year for maintenance


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