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    Working with metal means working with rigidity and precision, leaving little tolerance for error, which could make metal a difficult material to work with. Therefore, it is important to use the right type, size and specification tool for a project rather than compromising on the job with less suitable equipment. With the right metalworking power tools, you can bend and cut sheet metal, mill the metal down to the exact size needed, and grind, sand, & polish machining material being worked on.



    • Faster and greater precision providing the ability to produce larger numbers of identical products in a shorter time period
    • Easy to use – requires minimal training to operate the equipment
    • Requires lesser manpower on the job
    • Improves efficiency with considerably lower effort


    Who uses metalworking tools?

    • Metal fabricators
    • Welders


    Where are metalworking tools used?

    • Oil Rigs
    • Pipe & module fabrication
    • Civil construction


    How to safely use metalworking tools?

    • Examine the tool to make sure it is in good condition and devoid of damages before use
    • Ensure enough space around the machine before beginning the job
    • Only one operator should use the machine at a time
    • Ensure that all the cutting tools being used with the equipment have sharp blades and are clean enough to be used without applying any extra force.
    • Stop the machine operation before taking any measurements or making any adjustments.
    • Keep hands a safe distance away from the cutting head and other moving parts to avoid serious injuries.
    • Clean the tool after using it. Floors should be levelled and have a non-slippery surface.


    AABTools provides metalworking tools like bench grinders, small and large angle grinders, chop saws and die grinders. AABTools is the is the largest supplier for DeWalt and Ridgid metalworking tools in the UAE and across the MENA region.