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      Whether a DIY-er with a few potted plants, or a professional landscape gardener – from planting to harvesting, garden tools such as shovels & spades, axes, rakes & hoes are essential to efficiently and effectively grow and maintain plants and trees. Hand tools will be the tools you will use the most while landscaping, and so it is important to buy high-quality equipment that will ensure that job gets done as comfortably as possible.



      • Fast and efficient – offers better control
      • Helps carry out delicate work with more precision
      • Prevents injuries
      • Prevents plants from getting damaged


      Where is Garden tools used?

      • Professional landscaping
      • Personal garden


      Who uses the Garden tools?

      • Gardeners
      • Professional landscapers
      • DIYers


      How to safely use Garden tools?

      • Prior to use, inspect the tools for damages or defects
      • Make sure you stand with your back straight when using long-handled garden tools like rakes, hoes, and shovels.
      • Do not use garden hand tools that are above your shoulder height
      • Wear appropriate PPE given the task and weather conditions
      • Make sure to clean garden tools after use and store in an appropriate location


      AABTools is the best hand tools supplier in UAE. We provide garden tools like axes, shovel, and spades, garden saw, garden trowels and forks, tree loppers, garden scissors, garden shears, and pruners. Shop now for the best garden tools by Fiskars from our retail stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.