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  • Power and Energy Loggers

    Shop our selection of Power and Energy Loggers from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    Power and energy loggers measure and record power & energy consumption and quality. They for used conducting one or three phase energy and load studies to help you troubleshoot and analyze energy system performance and discover where savings are possible. Using power loggers, users can create detailed power quality and energy reports to identifying and analyzing problem areas.


    It is commonly used for:

    • Understanding the capacity of an electrical panel
    • Troubleshooting circuit breaker trips
    • Identifying energy costs and uncovering energy waste



    • Lightweight, portable, and easy to install
    • Displays and analyzes data in real-time
    • Allows installation at multiple points either consecutively or using multiple loggers simultaneously, which makes it easier to locate an issue before it becomes a costly problem
    • Provides in-depth monitoring compared to standard tools provided. Details include data on current, voltage, power, tan, phase angle cos, power factor THD and information on harmonics.


    Who uses Power and Energy Loggers?

    • Electricians
    • Facilities technicians & inspectors
    • Electrical engineers
    • Utilities engineers


    Where is Power and Energy Loggers used?

    • Power and electric monitoring
    • Harmonic detection & analysis
    • Utility testing
    • Energy management
    • Power factor analysis and correction
    • Power demand and consumption
    • kW measurement
    • Industrial power systems
    • Commercial maintenance


    How to safely use Power and Energy Loggers?

    • Whenever you do a power check in, you must connect the Earth connection leads before the live connection leads for the safety of the user
    • The user must be wearing Personal Professional Equipment (PPE)
    • It is recommended that the calibration of the device is valid and up-to-date before using the device
    • Be careful witting fitting and removing the current flex and the instrument to avoid damaging the device


    AABTools is the largest supplier of Fluke and Extech power and energy loggers in the UAE. Shop online for power and energy loggers, or at our retail stores across the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.