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  • Precision Measuring Tools

    Shop our selection of Precision Measuring Tools from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    GROZ VNC/6 - Vernier Caliper 0 to 6in (0-150mm)
    GROZ VNC/8 - Vernier Caliper 0 to 8in (0-200mm)
    GROZ VNC/12 - Vernier Caliper 0 to 12in (0-300mm)
    GROZ DLC/150 - Dial Caliper; 0-150mm
    GROZ DLC/200 - Dial Caliper; 0-200mm
    GROZ EDC/6 - Electronic Caliper; 0-6in (0-150mm)
    GROZ EDC/8 - Electronic Caliper; 0-8in ( 0-200mm)
    GROZ EDC/12 - Electronic Caliper; 0-12in (0-300mm)
    GROZ MM/0-25 - Outside Micrometer; 0 – 25mm
    GROZ MM/25-50 - Outside Micrometer; 25 – 50mm
    GROZ MM/50-75 - Outside Micrometer; 50 – 75mm
    GROZ MM/75-100 - Outside Micrometer; 75 – 100mm
    GROZ MM/0-100/ST4 - Outside Micrometer Set 4pcs; 0-100mm
    GROZ MM/0-150/ST6 - Outside Micrometer Set 6pcs; 0-150mm
    GROZ MMED/1 - Electronic Micrometer; 0-1in (0-25mm); IP54
    GROZ CSQ/12/4/ST - Combination Square Set 4pcs; 12in/300mm
    GROZ DLG/10 - Dial Indicator; 0-10mm; AGD2
    GROZ DGI/1 - Digital Indicator;  0-12.5mm/0-0.5in
    GROZ MB/30 - Articulating Arm; W/M. Base Type1; 180mm
    GROZ ID/10 - Inside Caliper 10in / 250mm
    GROZ ID/12 - Inside Caliper 12in / 300mm
    GROZ ID/6 - Inside Caliper  6in / 150mm
    GROZ ID/8 - Inside Caliper 8in / 200mm
    GROZ OD/10 - Outside Caliper 10in / 250mm
    GROZ OD/12 - Outside Caliper 12in / 300mm
    GROZ OD/6 - Outside Caliper 6in / 150mm
    GROZ OD/8 - Outside Caliper 8in / 200mm
    GROZ DD/6 - Spring Divider  6″ / 150mm
    GROZ DD/8 - Spring Divider  8in / 200mm
    GROZ WCF/WZ-6 - Center Finder Contour Set 4Pc Set
    EXPERT E140601 - Vernier Caliper 6in
      EXPERT - Vernier Caliper 6in Model # E140601

    • Measurement capacity: 150 mm.
    • Interior; exterior and depth measurement.
    • Supplied in protection cover with compliance certificate.
    GROZ DD/6 - Spring Divider  6″ / 150mm

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