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    FISKARS 131510 - Garden Light Pointed Spade
      FISKARS - Garden Light Pointed Spade Model # 131510

    • Light digging spade with a pointed cutting edge for easier penetration to soil
    • Ideal for light digging in normal and soft garden soil
    • Easy and convenient to use by all gardeners in tight spaces and small vegetable gardens because of the lightweight aluminium body and smaller size
    FISKARS 132500 - Garden Light, Shovel
      FISKARS - Garden Light, Shovel Model # 132500

    • Light garden shovel for moving sand, soil and clay
    • the blade and handle coated with plastic are made of hardened aluminum
    • ergonomically shaped plastic handle with a pleasant, soft surface
    FISKARS 131520 - Safety Camping and Car Spade
      FISKARS - Safety Camping and Car Spade Model # 131520

    • Fiskars Safety Camping & Car Spade is a lightweight spade for camping and gardening.
    • Thanks to its lightweight construction and according to its design.
    • This spade floats in water meaning you won’t be at loss when taking it for example on a boating trip up river.
    FISKARS 141020 - Snow light Spade
      FISKARS - Snow light Spade Model # 141020

    • This handy tool features an aluminium shaft with ergonomic plastic coating and an ergonomically designed handle which fits neatly in hand.
    • The hardened aluminium blade is light and easy to work with making this an invaluable piece of snow clearing equipment.
    FISKARS 131320 - Foldable Spade
      FISKARS - Foldable Spade Model # 131320

    • Fiskars foldable Spade is a handy and practical choice for camping, sports etc.
    • Its design means that it works both as a spade and as a hoe and as such means it is a perfect choice when going camping or for any basic entrenching work.
    • This spade comes with a canvas sheath for safe storage and protection.
    FISKARS 131310 - Telescopic Spade Straight
      FISKARS - Telescopic Spade Straight Model # 131310

    • Soil as it features straight cutting edges
    • Features a long shaft followed by a D-shaped handle that provides a firm grip to the user
    • Durability of this garden spade relies on a welded connection between the shaft and blade to ensure deeper penetration into the soil
    FISKARS 131300 - Telescopic Spade Pointed
      FISKARS - Telescopic Spade Pointed Model # 131300

    • Ergonomic shape for light labour, Easy to work and penetrate the ground thanks to the sharp blade
    • Optimal long handle for comfort while using, no straining of muscles or back thanks to the telescopic handle, Firm and comfortable grip. 
    • Long life product thanks to the quality Boron steel design, Finnish design
    FISKARS 131413 - Solid spade Pointed
      FISKARS - Solid spade Pointed Model # 131413

    • Solid digging work requires a solid spade and the pointed version in the Solid range from Fiskars is a totally dependable companion for working the soil, digging holes, edging and planting.
    • If soil work is your goal, this tool will not let you down.
    • All-purpose digging spade with pointed and sharpened cutting edge.

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