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  • Rakes & Hoes

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    • Easy to store thanks to integrated hanging holes.
    • Constructed for durability.
    FISKARS 137040 - Planter’s Hoe
      FISKARS - Planter’s Hoe Model # 137040

    • For weeding and hacking of weeds.
    • To loosen the soil.
    • Light break-proof and weather-resistant.
    FISKARS 135014 - Leaf Rake-Large
      FISKARS - Leaf Rake-Large Model # 135014

    • The Solid L leaf rakes have large and thick teeth next to each other for easy and fast raking of large areas.
    • They are made of high quality high strength plastic.
    • They have an improved shape that prevents branches and leaves from getting caught between the teeth
    FISKARS 135024 - Leaf Rake-Medium
      FISKARS - Leaf Rake-Medium Model # 135024

    • The Solid M leaf rakes have 25 long flexible teeth placed densely next to each other for easy raking of lawns.
    • They are made of high-quality, very strong plastic and are one of three attachments that can be attached to the universal Solid handle
    FISKARS 135064 - Universal Garden Rake
      FISKARS - Universal Garden Rake Model # 135064

    • For raking long, loose grass or branches
    • Excellent for preparing planting beds
    • Levelling function to even the soil bed.
    FISKARS 135000 - Leaf Rakes Handle
      FISKARS - Leaf Rakes Handle Model # 135000

    • Excellent handle on the rake large.
    • Swedish, narrow and universal.
    • The quality that can be expected from the products of this brand is proved by their durable construction from a thin-walled tube made of hardened aluminum.
    FISKARS 135016 - Solid Leaf Rake-Large
      FISKARS - Solid Leaf Rake-Large Model # 135016

    • Wide rake for working on large lawn areas.
    • Sturdy and flexible tines with specific geometry prevent twigs and leaves from getting caught.
    FISKARS 135026 - Solid Leaf Rake-Medium
      FISKARS - Solid Leaf Rake-Medium Model # 135026

    • Medium-sized all-purpose rake for working in smaller areas like around trees or under bushes.
    • Sturdy tines work well on rooty and uneven surfaces.
    FISKARS 135066 - Solid Universal Garden Rake
      FISKARS - Solid Universal Garden Rake Model # 135066

    • For raking long, loose grass or branches
    • Excellent for preparing planting beds
    • Levelling function to even the soil bed
    FISKARS  135510 - Garden Light Leaf Rake
      FISKARS - Garden Light Leaf Rake Model # 135510

    • Light leaf and lawn rake for cleaning the lawn and yard
    • Easy and convenient to use by all gardeners because of the lightweight aluminium body
    • Sturdy and flexible tines prevent twigs and leaves from getting caught
    FISKARS 135512 - Soil rake 16 prongs
      FISKARS - Soil rake 16 prongs Model # 135512

    • Wide head is suitable for raking, leveling or smoothing seed beds which cover a wider area
    • Its 16 spikes of hardened carbon steel work efficiently to break and move soil and to cover much ground
    FISKARS 136523 - Rotary Lawn Edger
      FISKARS - Rotary Lawn Edger Model # 136523

    • The sharp edges of the lawn machine smoothly cut overhanging grass, resulting in smooth edges.
    • Fiskars’ new Quik Fit Series offers a full range of options with a single handle.
    • Each nozzle creates an excellent tool for every special type of work. 
    FISKARS 136524 - Lawn Spiker
      FISKARS - Lawn Spiker Model # 136524

    • A multi-tool head used for aerating smaller, narrower lawns
    • Multiple spikes in this tool allow nutrients to penetrate the lawn and helps seed, fertilizer, water, air and light to reach the grass roots
    • Hardened steel blades ensure durable performance over years
    FISKARS 136526 - Garden Edge Trimmer
      FISKARS - Garden Edge Trimmer Model # 136526

    • Designed for clearing space between the lawn and hard surfaces.
    • Suitable for edging borders.
    • Made from hardened boron steel.
    FISKARS 111260 - Garden Light, Weeding-Hoe
      FISKARS - Garden Light, Weeding-Hoe Model # 111260

    • Light hoe for removing weeds and loosening soil in vegetable bed and under plants
    • Steel blade with sharp edges to reach under plants
    • Easy and convenient to use by all gardeners because of the lightweight aluminium body

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