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    FISKARS 111250 - Entry Level Anvil Pruner
      FISKARS - Entry Level Anvil Pruner Model # 111250

    • The Fiskars SingleStep P25 Anvil Pruner is ideal for basic pruning tasks in the garden and suitable for cutting dry wood.
    • It has sturdy handles for a comfortable grip and a well-balanced design for a steady cutting action.
    • The non-stick PTFE coating on the pruner’s upper blade reduces friction and makes cutting and cleaning easier.
    FISKARS 111270 - Entry Level Snip Pruner
      FISKARS - Entry Level Snip Pruner Model # 111270

    • These red dot design awarded snips have been created for multiple cutting tasks.
    • The cutting action and blades of this snip is not for cutting branches in garden but fulfills all other cutting tasks.
    • The sturdy handles are designed for a comfortable grip.
    FISKARS 111260 - Entry Level Bypass Pruner
      FISKARS - Entry Level Bypass Pruner Model # 111260

    • Fiskars SingleStep Bypass P26 pruner is a beautifully simple.
    • Enjoy ‘Fiskars quality including sturdy handles for a comfortable grip.
    • Pruning is made easy thanks to their non stick PTFE coating on the upper blade.
    FISKARS 111280 - Universal Snip
      FISKARS - Universal Snip Model # 111280

    • The blades are made of stainless steel are secured by an easy-to-use locking mechanism, if the garden shears are not in use.
    • The blade protection is used as a practical, comfortable carrying handle.
    • Suitable for left or right-hand use
    FISKARS 111670 - Power sep Anvil Pruner
      FISKARS - Power sep Anvil Pruner Model # 111670

    • Ergonomically shaped handles for a comfortable use.
    • Non-stick coated upper blade.
    • Cuts dry and hard twigs and branches.
    FISKARS 111610 - Smart Bypass Pruner
      FISKARS - Smart Bypass Pruner Model # 111610

    • Suitable for left or right-hand use.
    • One-hand safety lock.
    • Enables the quick cutting of thin branches and branches as well as the powerful cutting of thicker branches and branches.
    FISKARS 111440 - 9644 Fingerloop Bypass Pruner
      FISKARS - 9644 Fingerloop Bypass Pruner Model # 111440

    • Cuts fresh green and growing woods.
    • Power-saving, ergonomic handles made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic.
    • Friction reduction by non-cut surface.
    FISKARS 111340 - 9634 Power Lever Bypass Pruner
      FISKARS - 9634 Power Lever Bypass Pruner Model # 111340

    • Ergonomic design friction reduction by non-cut surface.
    • The blade protection is used as a practical, comfortable carrying handle.
    • Ideal for small hands
    FISKARS 111510 - Power Gear Anvil Pruner Medium
      FISKARS - Power Gear Anvil Pruner Medium Model # 111510

    • Fiskars Power Gear Anvil Pruner (s-m) is a lightweight.
    • The ingenious handle mechanism boosts cutting power and makes pruning a true pleasure.
    • The pruner’s unique rotating handle movement ensures that all fingers are used simultaneously.
    FISKARS 111520 - Power Gear Bypass Pruner Medium
      FISKARS - Power Gear Bypass Pruner Medium Model # 111520

    • Fiskars PowerGear Hand Pruner P92 is a beautiful expression of Fiskars design in a great hand pruning package.
    • Its cleverly designed mechanism in the handle ensures solid pruning results for trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers.
    • All in all a great bypass pruner.
    FISKARS 111960 - Garden Pro Pruner
      FISKARS - Garden Pro Pruner Model # 111960

    • The classic lines of the Fiskars Garden Pro Pruner P 90 makes it a favorite among gardeners.
    • This secateurs is ideal for dead heading roses and all other types of pruning.
    • This pruner features a cushioned cutting action for added comfort.
    FISKARS 111540 - Power Gear Hand Pruner
      FISKARS - Power Gear Hand Pruner Model # 111540

    • Patented PowerGearâ„¢ mechanism makes cutting 3.5 times easier compared to standard mechanisms
    • Unique rotating handle movement reduces pressure
    • Extremely lightweight and strong
    FISKARS 115560 - Universal Telescope Garden Cutter
      FISKARS - Universal Telescope Garden Cutter Model # 115560

    • Bypass cutting action for fresh wood
    • Shaft length adjustable from 2400 – 4000 mm enabling a maximum reach of 6 meters
    • PowerReelâ„¢ mechanism makes cutting 12 times easier
    FISKARS 110970 - Fruit Picker
      FISKARS - Fruit Picker Model # 110970

    • Fiskars Fruit Picker UP80 Plus Part is a great and handy addition to the Universal Cutter range
    • It utilizes the great height to help you harvest fruit even from the higher tree tops with damaging the goods.
    • The bag is made of durable cotton fabric and to assist lifting

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