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  • Garden Saws

    Shop our selection of Garden Saws from our retail outlets across Dubai & UAE - AABTools


    FISKARS 124800 - 21″Bow Saw
      FISKARS - 21″Bow Saw Model # 124800

    • Steel handle
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Safety tension lever
    FISKARS 124810 - 24″Bow Saw
      FISKARS - 24″Bow Saw Model # 124810

    • 20 cm stems and thicker branches
    • Features a curved nose that enables cutting in hard to each or difficult positions such as in densely foliage trees and in hedges
    • Cuts on both the push and pull stroke with a unique ‘plane toothing’
    FISKARS 124817 - Spare Blade For Bow Saw 24″
      FISKARS - Spare Blade For Bow Saw 24″ Model # 124817

    • Easily replaceable saw blade, weather-resistant saw pad protection
    • Permanent blade sharpness, no resharpening required, non-stick coating
    • High longevity thanks to high quality steel, Finnish design
    FISKARS 124807 - Spare Blade For Bow Saw 21″
      FISKARS - Spare Blade For Bow Saw 21″ Model # 124807

    • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use
    • Blade features rust-resistant coating for lasting value
    • Blade length: 21″
    FISKARS 123840 - Fixed Blade Saw
      FISKARS - Fixed Blade Saw Model # 123840

    • Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood, prevents the blade from gumming up with sap & debris & helps the blade resist rust
    • Makes quick, easy undercuts without sacrificing control
    • Contoured handle provides excellent one-handed grip & control, with Softgrip® touch points enhancing comfort & control even more
    FISKARS 123880 - X-tract Garden Saw-L
      FISKARS - X-tract Garden Saw-L Model # 123880

    • Super sharp 255 mm length blade
    • Cuts on pull stroke
    • SoftGrip™ handle and a finger guard for safer sawing
    FISKARS 123870 - X-tract Garden Saw-s
      FISKARS - X-tract Garden Saw-s Model # 123870

    • Fiskars Xtract™ Garden Saw (L) SW75 is a highly efficient tree saw designed to cut fresh wood.
    • This is the smallest of the Xtract saws and has a blade length of 160 mm with amore limited sawing capacity up but which nevertheless works for most smaller cuts where a lopper can’t go.
    • The design features a handy belt clip which retracts when in use while the SoftGrip™ handle ensures a safe grip.
    FISKARS 123860 - X-Builders Saw
      FISKARS - X-Builders Saw Model # 123860

    • Fine tooting for cutting dry wood, cuts on the pull stroke
    • The blade can be safely stored inside the handle when not in use
    • Features a handy belt clip for easy carrying

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