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    MIGHTY SEVEN SE-1025 - Flexible LED light 5W
      MIGHTY SEVEN - Flexible LED light 5W Model # SE-1025

    • Adjustable brightness according to demands
    • standing, travelling, car chargers included
    • Full charge for using 4~5 hours continually
    • Upper hook and bottom strong magnet for easy fixing and illuminating
    • Upper hook and bottom strong magnet for easy fixing and illuminating
    MIGHTY SEVEN SE-1101 - Energy Saving LED Work Lamp 5W
      MIGHTY SEVEN - Energy Saving LED Work Lamp 5W Model # SE-1101

    • Adjustable focal length
    • Adjustable arm for directing light according to demands
    • Water and moisture proof design for durability
    • USB charging design
    • Strong bottom magnet attachable to iron materials
    • Two-stage switch
    GROZ LED/340 - Rechargeable Worklight 350 Lumens
    GROZ LED/350 - Underhood Worklight  1000 Lumens
    GROZ LED/301 - Dry-cell Multi-Use Worklight  18 Lumens
    GROZ LED/210 - Head light  12 Lumens;
    GROZ LED/130 - Magnetic Telescopic Flashlight 8 Lumens
    GROZ LED/100 - Flashlight w/laser; 18 Lumens
    GROZ LED/120 - UV Inspection Flashlight

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