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  • Electrical testers are devices designed to test the presence of electrical conditions as well as the efficiency and durability of electrical appliances. These testers can range from simple instruments such as voltage testers and EMF meters which signal whether current or voltage is present in a circuit, to more complex instruments featuring multiple testing options for high-voltage applications such as earth ground testers, insulin testers, and portable appliance testers.



    • Regular electrical testing reduces chances of business interruption due to electrical failures
    • Electrical testing reduces risk of fire due to system malfunction
    • Improves the average life of an electrical appliance
    • Saves on utility bills that would otherwise cost an additional thousands of dollars annually
    • Test the continuity of electricity flow
    • Determines short circuits and open circuits


    Who uses Electrical Testers?

    • Electrical technicians
    • Facilities management engineers and technicians
    • Maintenance technicians
    • Service technicians
    • DIYers

    Where is Electrical Testers used?

    • During installations of new facilities
    • Process industries for line maintenance
    • Food manufacturing for maintenance of machinery
    • Anywhere where regular and periodic electrical maintenance is required


    How to safely use Electrical Testers?

    • Complex instruments should be used by designated technicians or engineers
    • Before conducting tests, you must be equipped with PPEs
    • Ensure proper connection to machinery to avoid damaging the machine and to avoid accidents/injuries to the technician
    • Avoid touching the non-insulated electrical connections of the instrument and machine
    • Pay more attention while working on high voltage or high current circuits.


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