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  • Digital Multimeters

    AABTools provides the finest quality digital multimeter in Dubai, UAE which is of high accuracy and wide testing range. We offer basic multimeters, industrial multimeters, thermal multimeters, and benchtop multimeters.
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    Digital multimeter is an electrical testing equipment used to measure voltage, resistance, current, and other values. They come in digital form, and are useful for everything from simple tests, like measuring battery voltage, to complex diagnostics, like detecting faults.

    Digital multimeter is one of the most preferred tools by electricians and other technicians for diagnosing electrical problems on circuits, motors, power supplies, appliances, and wiring systems. It is also used for Extra Low Voltage (ELV jobs) to measure current. DIYers also use multimeters for personal use, such as basic measurements around the house.

    AABTools is the best digital multimeter supplier in UAE. We provide basic multimeters, industrial multimeters, thermal multimeters, and benchtop multimeters in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.



    • In place of the moving needle and scale found on analog meters, digital meters provide readings on an LCD screen, reducing errors in reading.
    • Digital multimeter displays have no moving parts which mean no wear and shock failures
    • Multimeters cause less meter loading effects on the circuits being tested


    Who uses Digital Multimeter?

    • Electrical engineers
    • Control technicians
    • Electricians
    • Facilities technicians
    • building maintenance technicians
    • HVAC technicians
    • Industrial maintenance technicians
    • Utility contractors
    • Automotive technicians
    • Mobile repair technicians
    • DIYers


    What is Digital Multimeter used for?

    • Test batteries
    • Check extension cords
    • Check light bulbs
    • Identify the hot wire
    • Find a bad switch


    How to safely use Digital Multimeter?

    • When measuring DC/AC voltage, make sure to insert the red lead into the input jack marked V, not A.
    • During current measurement, the circuit must be powered off before making series-connection with the circuit
    • Before making a connection with the circuit, make sure that the leads are placed in the correct input jack with respect to the target measurement function.
    • Connect COM/Black test lead first before connecting the Red/Live test lead when making the connection; when disconnecting, disconnect the red/live test lead before disconnecting the common test lead.
    • Avoid touching the test lead tips when performing measurements.
    • Always make sure that the meter to be used is rated for the highest category you’ll work in.