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  • Battery Analyzers

    Shop our selection of Battery Analyzers from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    Battery analyzers are devices that runs a battery through charge, discharge, wait and repeat cycles, while discharging it to measure capacity. It discharges a battery at differing current levels which simulates actual usage patterns, rejuvenates a battery that has been over-charged, and measures the internal battery resistance.


    A battery analyzer will allow users to define lower and upper measurement thresholds, which is then automatically compared to the measurements, result in a PASS, FAIL or WARN indication after each measurement while testing. It is the ideal test tool to troubleshoot, maintain, and test batteries that are used in critical battery back-up applications.



    • Broad range of battery test functions, from resistance and DC voltage tests to full condition testing
    • Conducts testing on all types of stationary batteries
    • Easy analysis and reporting
    • Can effectively access discharged batteries


    Who uses Battery Analyzers?

    • Electrician engineers
    • UPS technicians
    • Facilities maintenance engineer
    • IT engineers


    Where are Battery Analyzers used?

    Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems in:

    • Airports
    • Banks
    • Data centers
    • Hospitals
    • All critical equipment that require back up power


    How to safely use Battery Analyzers?

    • Do not use explosive vapor, gas, or in wet or damp environments.
    • Do not apply more than the rated voltage, between the terminals or between each terminal and
    • Avoid simultaneous contact with battery and frame racks or hardware that may be grounded.
    • Measure a known voltage first to make sure that the device operates properly


    AABTools is the largest supplier for Fluke and Megger battery analyzers in the UAE. Shop now for battery analyzers online, or at our retail stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.