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  • Digital Thermometers

    Buy the latest model of digital thermometers with high precision and accuracy from AABTools’s retail shops across the United Arab Emirates. AABTools one of the best digital thermometer distributors in Dubai. We offer different types of digital thermometers such as Infrared Thermometers, Visual Thermometers, and Contact thermometers from the international brands’ Fluke, Extech, UNI-T, Gazelle, Ridgid & Testo.
    Shop @AABTools the leading digital thermometer supplier in Dubai, UAE.


    A digital thermometer is a widely used handheld device used to measure temperature that significantly surpasses traditional liquid-based thermometers in terms of safety, speed, and accuracy. Several fields, such as mechanical, civil, quality control, manufacturing, and maintenance heavily rely on accurate temperature measurements as a critical component to ensure safe functioning of a facility.


    Temperature measurements give important pieces of information, from the condition of a machine in a factory to the performance of a refrigerator or air conditioner in an aircraft. Monitoring temperatures accurately ensure that daily operations and processes are consistently operating at optimum functionality which results in improved quality standards, increased safety and productivity, and reduced downtime.


    Thermometers are broadly grouped into two major categories: contact and non-contact. Contact thermometers require physical contact with the measured object, where the contact sensors measure their own temperature by bringing the sensor body to the object’s temperature. On the other hand, non-contact thermometers use an infrared sensor to measure the temperature of an object by reading the level of infrared emissions.



    • Faster
    • Greater accuracy
    • Safer than the tradition mercury thermometers
    • Portable
    • Easy to read with the digital screen


    Who uses a Digital thermometer?

    • HVAC technicians
    • Facilities technicians
    • Electrical technicians
    • Maintenance technicians


    What is Digital Thermometer used for?


    Digital thermometers have a large range of uses. Some of them include:

    • Assess the condition of machinery
    • Determine the performance of a refrigerator or air conditioner
    • Measure temperature for HVAC ducting


    How to safely use a Digital thermometer?

    • When purchasing a thermometer, make sure the temperature range aligns with the purpose of your use, especially if needed to function in extreme temperatures. If the thermometer is used for applications outside of the range, it could damage the material or render the device as unusable
    • Ensure the thermometer is stored at the operating temperature as prescribed on the packaging to ensure that the device functions properly and maintains its accuracy
    • Make sure that the thermometer is used for the right purpose. If a thermometer is only used for water, it cannot be used to measure the temperature for any other substance


    We provide digital thermometers like an infrared thermometer, visual thermometer, and contact thermometers across our retail stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Shop now for the best digital thermometers from Fluke, Extech, Uni-T, and Gazelle at AABTools – the largest authorized distributor in the UAE.