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  • Intrinsically Safe Tools

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    Intrinsically Safe is a protection method employed in potentially explosive atmospheres. They are designed to prevent the sufficient release of energy that could cause ignition of flammable material or create a spark that might cause a fire or explosion. For an explosion to take place, there must be 3 things: fuel (such as dust or gas), a source of heat, and oxygen Intrinsic safe tools addresses the heat aspect, and is a protection technique that focuses on preventing sparks or hot spots that might ignite a potentially explosive atmosphere – even under improbably fault conditions.




    • The only technique that provides a solution to all aspects of hazardous environments
    • Costs in the long-run can be lowered using intrinsic safety tools, that could otherwise have resulted in exorbitant expenses from an accidental explosion
    • Helps create a safe work environment and protects workers from explosion risks
    • Maintenance and diagnostic work can be performed without shutting down production and ventilating the working area


    Who uses Intrinsically Safe Tools?

    • Petrochemical engineers
    • Oil and gas engineers
    • Utilities engineers
    • Aircraft maintenance
    • Mining engineers
    • Pharmaceutical engineers


    Where are Intrinsically Safe Tools used?

    • Petrochemical plants
    • Pharmaceutical plants
    • Oil platforms, refineries, pipelines
    • Mining
    • Public safety and utilities
    • Aircrafts


    How to safely use Intrinsically Safe Tools?

    • Intrinsically safe tools are used in the same way as their non-IS counterparts.


    AABTools is the master distributor and largest supplier of Fluke’s intrinsically safe tools in the United Arab Emirates. Shop now for instrinsically safe tools online or at our retail stores across the UAE.