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  • Condition Monitoring Instruments

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    Vibration & alignment testers allow technicians to quickly track overall machine health and vibration level, and bearing impact and surface temperature. Most tools can be used by any level technician to take readings during routine maintenance, which can be used to screen for changes and potential problems over time.


    Most vibration and alignment testing devices are easy to use, where technicians can operate the testers confidently with minimal training, while potentially saving money by finding faults before significant failures to the production line.



    • Reveals the four most common mechanical faults:, misalignment, imbalance, wear, and looseness
    • Easy measurement processes along with automated vibration analysis allows users with minimal training and experience to use vibration to assess machine health and determine required maintenance
    • Sustain machine‚Äôs useful life and saves time and money by avoiding unplanned downtime and in replacement bearing costs


    Who uses Vibration and Alignment?

    • Facilities engineers and technicians
    • Mechanical engineers and technicians
    • Aerospace engineers and technicians
    • Petroleum engineers and technicians
    • Automobile engineers and technicians
    • Electrical engineers and technicians


    Where are Vibration and Alignment used?

    • Aerospace manufacturers
    • Automotive manufacturers
    • Car repair garages
    • Aviation manufacturers
    • Consumer goods manufacturers
    • Defense departments
    • Electronic manufacturers
    • Marine manufacturers
    • Medical equipment manufacturers
    • Oil and gas manufacturers
    • Power generation stations


    How to safely use Vibration and Alignment?

    • Do not look directly into the alignment laser as it can cause damage to the human eye
    • Asses the device prior to use. There should be no sign of cracks or damages on the device or it may not give accurate readings
    • The user to ensure the device is calibrated by a certified calibration lab in order to ensure accurate output


    AABTools is the largest authorized distributor for Fluke and are key suppliers for vibration and alignment testers in the UAE. Shop now for our Fluke vibration and alignment analyzers available at our retail stores in across the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi