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  • TESTO Anemometers

    Testo is world market leader in the field of portable and stationary measurement solutions. The measurement technology expert convinces over 650,000 worldwide customers with highly precise measuring instruments and innovative solutions for the measurement data management of tomorrow.


    TESTO 410-1 - Digital Vane Anemometer
      TESTO - Digital Vane Anemometer Model # 410-1

    • Vane anemometer with permanently installed 30 mm vane
    • Measurement of air velocity and air temperature
    • Calculates wind chill and the Beaufort wind force
    TESTO 405i - Thermal Anemometer with Smarphone operation
      TESTO - Thermal Anemometer with Smarphone operation Model # 405i

    • For measuring volume flow, air velocity and temperature
    • Simple configuration of the dimension and geometry of the duct cross-section for determining the volume flow
    • Convenient for working in ventilation ducts thanks to its telescopic tube, which can be extended up to 400 mm
    TESTO 425 - Thermal Anemometer with Flow Probe
      TESTO - Thermal Anemometer with Flow Probe Model # 425

    • Temperature and flow measurement as well as volumetric flow calculation
    • Permanently attached extendible telescopic probe – maximum length 820 mm, diameter 7.5 mm
    • With single and multi-point averaging
    TESTO 405 - Thermal Anemometer
      TESTO - Thermal Anemometer Model # 405

    • Measurement of air velocity, volumetric flow and air temperature
    • For measurements in ventilation ducts and in rooms
    • Particularly precise in the range between 0 and 2 m/s
    TESTO 416 - Vane Anemometer
      TESTO - Vane Anemometer Model # 416

    • Permanently connected telescopic sensor – maximum length 890 mm, diameter 16 mm
    • Airflow measurements, selective and time mean values for calculating air volume
    • Hold function; min/max display; auto power off

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